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Time Management

Like the majority of Mother's out there my kids have made me a better person. My boys are my world and I didn't think I could change anymore, we were in a great routine and rhythm then God sent us a beautiful angelic little girl. Now that we have 3 children it has taken us… Continue reading Time Management

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Kids are gone, What Now?

It has been a pretty uneventful week except  Saturday we dropped the boys off at the grandparents for the next 3 weeks and the weekend has been weird. As a stay at home mom, my world and life revolve around raising and being with my kids. Now that the boys are gone all I have… Continue reading Kids are gone, What Now?

Being a Mommy

8 Hard Truths about Breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding is hard. Not only is it all consuming but it is also mentally and physically straining. It is akin to having a full-time job that requires you to be on call 24/7, 365 days a year with no sick or vacation days. It also takes time, patience and a supportive circle to accomplish. Below… Continue reading 8 Hard Truths about Breastfeeding.

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Why Am I Still Forgetful?

Why won't pregnancy brain go away? Its been 5 weeks since I had the baby and the amount of things I forget to do on a daily basis, is astounding. It is a wonder I get pants on before walking out the door. I wish I could use sleep deprivation as an excuse but I… Continue reading Why Am I Still Forgetful?

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5 Tips to make a Road trip with Baby Easier

Road tripping with a newborn went better than expected. Every memorial day we go to the farm (in-laws farm) for a crawfish boil. This year was no different even with a 1 1/2 week old. We knew going into it that it might not be a fun trip. It’s a pretty short one, roughly 4 hours.… Continue reading 5 Tips to make a Road trip with Baby Easier