Hello Everyone, ┬áMy name is Megan. I am the mother of two wonderful little boys and 9 months pregnant with a little girl, I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, I have struggled with finding individuality after becoming a mom and wife to my high school sweetheart. As each child was born I found that I lost focus on myself and put it ALL into my children (which isn’t a bad thing, just something that made me less me when they are not around.) In February 2017, I made a decision to find myself as the person behind mommy. Finding the me in mommy. Starting this blog was extremely difficult in that I have included pictures of myself before the fitness and enlightenment journey began. I also like to be as honesty and straight forward as possible. In doing so this blog is a mirror I can’t escape. Along the way I have come to enjoy inspiring others like myself and found solace in knowing I am not alone. I hope that my journey will inspire you and help bring you a sense of “I am not alone.” A Few laughs would not be out of line either.

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Hope you enjoy!