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Kids are gone, What Now?

It has been a pretty uneventful week except  Saturday we dropped the boys off at the grandparents for the next 3 weeks and the weekend has been weird. As a stay at home mom, my world and life revolve around raising and being with my kids. Now that the boys are gone all I have to do is keep the baby alive. For the last 2 days, I have found that the increase in my time has made me feel mentally warped.

When the kids leave for an extended period of time what do us Mommys do? This is my confession on how it feels, what I do and how I struggle mentally when I have to switch from Mommy to Women. Momlife| Struggle| Vacation

Being a mom is wonderful and I would not change that for the world but as a women, I find that it is hard to juggle being a women of my own while being a full-time mom. So when I am presented with a break, its hard for me to know what to do with myself or my time. What am I going to do? is the question that plays on repeat a lot.

There are plenty of household things for me to do like laundry, cleaning and that kind of stuff, I mean when is there not that kind of thing to do? Being 7 weeks postpartum, I want to find ME again. I want to get back to a place mentally and physically where I feel sexy and confidant around my husband. I want to keep up with my kids and not get out of breath chasing them around the yard. Even though I am smaller and lighter than I was pre-pregnancy, I am squishy. And as a goal I want to be more toned. This is going to be a long-term goal and a hard one to accomplish.

mom3Getting back into a workout routine is the worst. The muscle soreness, the mental aspects of convincing yourself that you won’t actually die and that time is what it takes, time and consistency .  I’m going to use the time I have been given to try to set a workout rhythm for everyday. This is going to suck. A habit can be established is 21 days. Twenty-one continuous days.  All I have to do is stick it out for 21 days, which is convenient since the boys will be gone for that amount of time. Once I start, I will be reminded of how great it makes me feel mentally.

Besides working out, now is the time I can spend some quality time with the hubs and not feel like I’m neglected anyone. Since the baby was born, my Mom quilt has been strong and I can’t seem to find the hours in the day to adequately spend enough time with everyone. But now, with the boys gone, I have more than enough time to spend with baby girl and hubs. Hopefully they won’t get tired of me. This time last year, we were still in the RV and I had the pool right outside my door and no baby to take care of. Lets just say I was bored out of my mind. This year at least I have the baby to occupy some of my time at least while she is awake. And I can go through the boys old toys and give away the things they don’t play with.

All in all, I am looking forward to the quiet and the time alone. I prefer to listen to the radio or music then the TV anyway.  Sometimes it takes having something gone to appreciate it again. I love my boys but let me be honest when I say they have been overwhelming me lately. When their visit with the grandparents is up, I will be more than ready for the excitement, car noises and the bickering they come with. For now, I will try to find the Me in Mommy. Maybe drink a glass (or bottle) of wine, write more on my book, or draw. But honestly I’m probably going to waste my time watching movies without having to pause them 6 times or playing video games uninterrupted or hey go to the bathroom without an audience. LOL

If you or someone you know feels the same way when the Kids are gone, Pin this post to Pinterest for a little pick me up. US moms have to stick together. We are not perfect and  sharing our stories can help us feel normal.


Being a mom doesn't stop when the kids are gone. Being a Mom means that we are always thinking about our kids but what happens when they are gone on Vacation and you find yourself with all this extra time? Momlife| No Kids| Real Life| Confessions


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