5 Tips For keeping Positive in Late Pregnancy

Keeping a positive attitude when you feel like crap is an extremely challenging thing to do. I will be the first to admit my attitude has declined dramatically in the last few days. attitudeI am 39 weeks pregnant and over this. I feel as big as a whale, I have NO appetite and even when I eat, nothing really has a taste. Everything hurts from the “false/practice contractions” that have become an everyday occurrence. I really hope that at my Dr. appointment on Friday that he tells me I can schedule an induction. But who knows, I have not been checked for dilation or effacement yet so we will see how that goes. See,  negativity is just natural at this point, but I do have a few things that help me to see the sunny side of things when I get to feeling too down.


My Boys – 
Those kids can make me smile and laugh without much effort. Just spending time with them coloring, going for a walk or cuddling on the couch has a calming effect on me. Not all the time, they are kids  after all but for the most part they don’t have a negative bone in their bodies. Everything for them is new and exciting and when I suggest going to the park, playing a game or doing a puzzle, they are all for it and are excited at the prospect of just being with me. No strings attached.

attitude8Listen to Music – Putting on my ear phones or speaker and playing some music almost always is the solution to my bad attitude. Give me 5 minutes of my favorite songs and the day can be turned around. For me, this usually coincides with my boys because in the morning after breakfast or in the afternoon while cooking dinner this is when the TV is off and the music is on. One or both of the boys will almost always join me in a dance party and that’s when the laughing and endorphins come out to play, effectively putting any bad mood or attitude in its place. Even being super pregnant like I am, a dance party is good exercise and is also a way for the boys to feel like I am spending time and being goofy with them. That is important to me. I want them to always know that I love them and want to be silly with them as much as with the new baby when it arrives.

Take a Walk – A nice relaxing walk can be beneficial in so many ways. It helps get the baby ready for delivery, gives you some exercise and also can relieve stress and anxiety. It does not have to be brisk, fast paced or long. A small walk around the block, neighborhood or park can work wonders. Fresh air is proven to be beneficial to your mental well-being. I for one, love to be outside. I will walk while the boys ride their bikes and show me “cool tricks” they have invented. We usually take detours and find new things on our walks.

Yesterday, we found a turtle crossing the road and the boys were shocked at how fast a turtle can be when it is scared and determined. Sometimes, I give them each a gallon size baggy and tell them we are going on a nature walk, where we look at flowers, bugs and animals and they can collect anything they think is interesting or collectible. It’s a way for me to encourage them to love the outdoors as much as the indoors.

 attitude7Get a Treat – Going out of your way to get something you want can help a bad mood too. I will usually get myself lunch, a drink I’ve been craving or a book that I have been eyeing. A little gesture of appreciation for yourself can make a person feel good. Even if it is time you set aside for yourself to ensure some quiet. Meditation, pedicures, massages or facials are all great ways to reward yourself for being such a great mom. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive just being a tad bit selfish sometimes can relieve our attitude issues. As a stay at home mom, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the fact that things are almost never about me. And that is okay, most of the time. But being 9 months pregnant, with two kids and all their activities can make me feel like I am losing myself a bit. Since I am unable to workout like before, I do like to sometimes take the time to think about myself. That is why occasional treats to myself can help me feel less like mom for a minute and more like the Megan of old. 🙂 I can be consumed with the aspects of being a mom above all else but a Happy mommy is a great one and I would rather my kids remember me as a happy loving mom then a bitter angry mommy.

attitude9Get a Nap in – This one right here is so worth it. As all moms know, we don’t get much sleep, at least compared to our families. We are the first ones up, last ones to bed and the ones that get up at night when the kids need us. A short nap during the day can help in so many ways. It sure helps me, even if it is a quick power nap. It helps recharge my batteries and sets my mind right. If I am especially crabby, my husband always suggests a nap because he knows that it is a sure-fire way to help my attitude. I usually wake up wondering what century I am in but a better mood also.

attitude3I know that when the baby gets here, I will have a whole new set of challenges to get over but there will also be so much more joy in our lives. At the moment, all I can do is focus on what I am feeling and the want for it to be over. I want to get back to life before pregnancy, where I can work out if I feel sluggish, chase the boys around the yard, move without making sound effects and sleep without feeling like it was on a ton of bricks. It is the end of my last pregnancy and so close to being over. The above tips/ tricks are what keep me sane when the side effects of pregnancy become too much. Maybe they will help you or someone you know too. Please feel to share this around, I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

If you have anymore tips or tricks that I can try, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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In the Last Trimester, it's hard to stay positive. We are ready for Baby, ready to be comfortable and ready to get back to normal. Staying Positive is hard but here is 5 Tips For Keeping Positive in Late Pregnancy.



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