37 Weeks and Counting

This Thursday will mark my 37th week being pregnant with my 3rd baby and the third trimester blues are real. Actually it’s more like last month blues.  Instead of being excited about the upcoming arrival of our baby girl ( I am excited don’t get me wrong), I have lately been overcome with the blues of still being pregnant. It has been such a good pregnancy until last week hit and it was like a switch went off. My body has decided to revolt against me in every way possible.

  • Headaches
  • Heat flashes
  • Belly no longer fits in anything other than my husbands clothes
  • Pressure EVERYWHERE
  •  Sciatic pain in my right lower back and leg. (Sciatic nerve is pinched due to baby sitting weirdly.)

I am literally falling apart.

37weeks2Okay, not really but I am a complainer right now. Being a person who is constantly moving, I do not like being still. And in this stage of pregnancy it is impossible to do much more than walk from the bed to the bathroom, or the couch to the bathroom. Pretty much anywhere to the bathroom is the extent of my activity. Everything from the first trimester that you hate usually comes back for the last month just to remind you of all the work that has been put in for the little miracle to be ready to greet the world. That part is wonderful. And honestly once she gets here, I will completely forget all the bad. Which is also why I am getting my tubes tied after this because I will admit I HATE being pregnant.37weeks3 No shame in that admission. I have happily welcomed 2 almost 3 babies into this world and I wouldn’t have it any other way, however, I do not want to repeat the process for a 4th time.

At last weeks doctor appointment, We had a growth ultrasound to see how big little miss actually is. I was hoping against hope that she would be measuring larger than 36 weeks. I was wrong. According to the ultrasound, she is 6.2 lbs – 7 lbs and is a long baby. This is exactly what she is supposed to be.37weeks1 That is wonderful but I was hoping selfishly that I was further along so I could cut this time short. Surprisingly, baby girl has  A LOT of hair.  This is wonderful news because my two boys were bold as all get out. A little girl with hair. Makes me wonder what color hair it is. Anyway, my appointment with the doctor didn’t get me any closer to having her early even though I am no measuring at 39 weeks instead of the 36 I am supposed to be at. Also as of Friday, I have gained a grand total of 9 pounds.37weeks Now that I know she is healthy, I no longer have to worry about my eating. Though I do have to continue my twice weekly NST at the hospital. Besides I don’t have much of an appetite anymore. I’ve been choking down food just to gain weight. I wish that was my problem when I am Not pregnant. Trouble gaining weight.

37weeks5Either way we are SO close to her being here that it literally surprises me every morning I get up and see my HUGE belly still intact. One morning it will happen that I get up and can’t wait to see that beautiful little girl in her bed. It will bring a smile to my face just as it does now thinking about it.  Who knows, maybe the baby will make her debut this week and next week I will post about the birth. 😉 only time will tell.

Until then I will continue on the best I can. The hub says I do too much but I don’t want to stop being able to do my everyday chores. The house falls apart without me. (not really, just mom guilt talking.) And he may be right some of the time but I want the boys to know that we are adding to the family not replacing them. So I’ve been spending time with them playing. Sometimes it just takes me longer to get off the floor. Lets face it, it’s the equivalent of a beached whale. There is a lot of rolling, grunting and pulling in order to get the momentum going. Ha Ha Ha.



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