Being a Mommy

Garage Sales, Consignment shops and Thrift stores… Oh My!

Hello, who doesn’t love a deal? I know I do and I sure know a few others that are right there with me. As awesome as NEW is, used can be so much better sometimes.

  1. It’s cheaper
  2. It’s adaptable with some time put in
  3. It’s the thrill of the hunt. LOL

thriftyI have been using Garage sales, consignment shops and Thrift stores for many years now. There is nothing wrong with it and it is not just for the less fortunate. Even though that can sometimes be the thought process of some people. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brand new, there is nothing like a brand new item smell. However, it is just not feasible for my growing family. Babies and kids especially grow so fast, that buying all new clothes for the kids would be super expensive. They grow so fast that the money you spend versus the wear time just doesn’t add up for me.  Some new clothes are okay, we buy some new clothes but not unless it is on sale or I have some awesome coupons. If I come along a consignment sale where I can buy bulk for the boys, it is on.

thrifty2When I found out I was pregnant with my first, consignment shops became a safe haven. Honestly for his first two years of life I did not have to buy a single piece of clothing. Now I did buy cute outfits if we came by them or if they struck my fancy and when we were expecting our second we handed down the clothes that didn’t fit our first. They both were set. It became harder to find clothes for 3T and up . Even harder still to find 6 and 7. My kids grow like weeds and clothes don’t last long, between rough play and long legs.  So I have turned to garage sales, and thrift stores in hopes that I can come across some play jeans, shorts, t-shirts or jackets. Most of the time, the clothes are like new, clean and the boys love them. If I can not find things for the current season or the one coming up I do turn to Kohl’s or Wal-Mart clearance.  Recently I spent $40 at Walmart and got the boys set for summer. Six pairs of shorts and 6 shirts all clearance and all between 2-5 dollars. Can’t beat that. Kohl’s also does huge coupons that can be stacked and if you hit it right you also get Kohl’s cash back that can be used to pay the card bill or to buy extra stuff the next week.

Besides clothes, used furniture can be found everywhere. Just looking around and looking through shops can yield a whole bedroom for a couple hundred or less. This weekend I hit up the garage sales of our City wide Garage sale. My parents came to visit and it is the perfect opportunity to hang out with my mom and spare the hubs the task. There were two things I had been looking for and put off because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. The boys needed a small book-case for their bedroom as well as a dresser. In an earlier post I showed you my temporary solution to the dresser problem. The closet organizer works great and has been awesome. thrifty5But I found a 6 drawer black dresser for $30 dollars at a sale. Just driving by, I stopped and got out, talked to the seller and we settled on the price. It came with a mirror that attached but seeing as it was for a boy’s room, I opted to give it to my parents who were looking for a like size mirror. All parties were happy and the boy’s room is officially done. The boys love it, I love it and the stress of worrying about an unfinished room is gone. Oh, I also found them a small book shelf that was sitting in the curb FOR FREE. I grabbed it, cleaned it up and it works AWESOME. Mom win! Honestly after the baby is born and everything becomes a little more stable, I will probably get more creative. Sand it down, paint it or decorate to blend in to the super hero theme their room has taken. But right now; I am way too pregnant for that.

thrifty4 Thrift stores are also a huge resource if you are looking for anything from decorations, to dishes to clothes to furniture. A lot of the items in a thrift store are donated and the money collected goes to an organization or to help benefit the community. Bonus points for finding the deal right? The thrift store we have in our town is very well put together and they have everything organized in a way that is easily browsed. When it gets closer to the holidays again I plan to hit it up for Christmas decorations. Best place to get them. Many people get rid of decorations every year and buy new the next year. I do not. Why? The kids are too young to remember everything and they just want to see the pretty lights. This Christmas, I am going all out. It will be the first one in a couple of years that I can decorate for because I finally have the room. I will also have a 6 month old crawling around and mesmerized by it all. All new in her eyes. I love that. Winter wonderland here I come.

thrifty1So the next time you are in the market for something, really think on whether you need new or if you can get it used. It’s usually 1/2 the price, just as good and if it is not you can make it so with a little extra attention.  DIY (do it yourself) is all the rage now and there are a million how to videos and tutorials out there. Fun craft for the kids. 🙂

GO save some money! I did this weekend.



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