3 Must Have Apps for Pregnancy and Beyond

So over the last 8 months I have been doing research involving 3 Must Have apps for Pregnancy tracking and Beyond for 2018. All three have been on my iPhone and I use them daily, but one I have come to think of  as the Best above all else and it is one I had not heard of till this pregnancy. Below I will go over the 3 different apps, give you the pros and cons and tell you what I preferred over the others.

#3-What to Expect
– This app is a classic. The content is full of style and contains tons of parenting tips for the New Mom.  I have had it on my phone through all three pregnancies but it lost its appeal for me after our first was born.

  • Cons– The app has all the information necessary to understand what your body is going through but fails to adapt to the multiple body types, the many different complications that can occur and is very general in the information. I have found that my pregnancies never aligned with the supposed fetal growth charts. Nor did my belly and weight gain follow which as a first time mom use to cause undo worry. Now that I am on my third I understand it is following a very general to the book way of navigating you through the process. The “relatable” pictures of the babies growth are by weight not height so that was confusing. It also doesn’t offer anyway to customize the app to your preference other than expected due date.
  • Pros– The app does offer great videos on the babies fetal movements and detailed information on what each week the baby is up too; from movement to what development is being focused on. The  videos are just long enough to not be wordy but short enough to encourage being watched. My boys really liked the videos this pregnancy and commented on the way the baby changed in each “lesson.” That I thought was great. Another very convenient thing is, if you make an account it will stay active and track the growth of every child. It will send you developmental milestone emails (if you opt for those) periodically so that it keeps you up to date on what each child should be doing. Personally I like those too. The app also gives you ads for cord blood banking and articles or blogs to read that may interest you. I was never very interested in what Celebrity was pregnant and what they were eating but that is a personal preference. Each day offered a different set of reading.

Conclusion– As a whole this app is a very good one for New moms looking for all the information they can get their hands on. It offers in-depth information on week to week fetal development but take it with a grain of Salt. It told me that at 40 weeks my baby should way 6 pounds. My babies with the exception of this one (yep still pregnant) were 8 pounds when they were born. Which is completely healthy and normal. Each pregnancy is different as well as every woman. So keep that in mind as you get those updates.

Apps#2- BabyCenter– This is an excellent app. I love the community it has created and that you have the opportunity to ask other mothers about anything from infertility issues, pregnancy, lose to all postpartum issues. It is less a pregnancy app and more a mothering app. I keep this app on my iphone year round even when not pregnant.

  • Cons – The app makes it a little hard to make changes to children’s ages or due dates, so that becomes a pain if you find out later that your due date is off. This isn’t a huge issue, more of an annoyance. Another annoyance is it only follows one child at time. In the settings you have to choose which child you want to focus on. So if you are pregnant you have to select “Feature this pregnancy” for it to give updates. After pregnancy it will continue to follow the newest child instead of including all children. As a mother of soon to be 3, I find that to be biased. I’d like to be able to see an individual dashboard that includes all my kids. Again its a preference things as I know a lot of us delete the pregnancy apps once the bundle of joy is here.
  • Pros– Besides just providing weekly updates on the babies growth, it also offered a variety of tools to be utilized through pregnancy such as a kick counter, contraction timer, bumpie album (includes filters and add ons) Is it safe? button for those of us who are unsure what is or isn’t safe in pregnancy. It also includes a way to keep registry checklists and birth class links. All very helpful. Besides the tools, you can opt into your due date community. It links you up with other mothers whose babies are due in the same month as you. This allows you to feel less isolated or alone when something questionable occurs. Going onto the forum can put your mind at ease whether something is normal or not. It puts a mind at ease when we are at our most vulnerable.

Conclusion– I love this app as it is. It offers excellent tools, information and tracking of the fetal development. Even though the videos are limited it makes up for it with detailed pictures and explanations. It also gives relevant article to the trimester you are in such as  Back pain relief, identifying labor pains and Braxton hicks and the best stretches to do in order to relieve the pregnancy discomfort of the day. Ads are limited which is a relief cause I can’t stand a ridiculous amount of pop-up ads. I would recommend this app to both New Moms and the Seasoned Mommy. 🙂

Apps3#1- Ovia Pregnancy– This is the first pregnancy I have used or even heard of this app and I feel slighted in that knowledge. My doctor office had it listed on a bulletin board  good pregnancy apps. I was curious so I downloaded it. It is Free just like the other two above and available for iPhones and Androids alike. I LOVE this app.

  • Cons – The only things I can find fault in is that I have yet to find a way to add my other kids. It only tracks the current pregnancy but does refer you to another app by the same company called Ovia Parenting. I’m assuming it is taking up the slack after baby is born. IT also offers Ovia Fertility as a period tracking app that also helps in getting pregnant. Lord knows as a girl we all need a good way to track our periods as best as possible.
  • Pros – This app is completely customizable and Fun. It allows you to pick a stylish theme for the background as well as the relatable size of the baby as it grows. From animals to inanimate objects it also allows you to pick a color scheme. It also tracks how big the hand and foot are compared to they will be at birth. Its been very neat for myself as well as the boys to see that growth. The boys like to put their hands up against the screen to understand the size difference. The app also offers updates on baby’s development as well as the mothers so that you can better understand what you body is going through and why. That is helpful for me especially cause I like to understand everything. Besides weekly developmental updates on baby, the app offers daily updates that are more detailed. The tools this app offers are also extensive because it offers weight tracking, water intake, food intake, dr. appointment reminders, blood pressure, steps, kick counter, food safety lookup, medication safety lookup, symptom lookup and contraction timer. It Also has a bump Photo feature that is easy to use and fun. Navigation between each feature is quick and Easy. I can’t recommend this app enough and wished I had known about it with my other two but maybe it wasn’t in development yet.

conclusion– Get this app if you are pregnant. It is awesome, doesn’t take a whole lot of your time but keeps you informed and happy with the knowledge. It also gives you a place to keep all your pregnancy related things in one place so that you don’t have to look at your calendar, then notes and so on. I really enjoy logging on everyday to see what the new thing will be.

app5All pregnancy apps are wonderful, some offer more information than others and some offer too much information. Like I said above I do have all three downloaded and all three offer different things. My favorite may be different from yours. Let me know what app was or is your favorite. I’d love to hear the reasons and preferences.

Good luck mommy’s we got this.

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