Being a Mommy

Chore list for Toddlers….

helpers2As a hands on parent, I believe that my boys should learn basic things as a way to be independent. As they have gotten older I have given each boy increased tasks that I believe they are capable of completing with minimal issues. The last year or two I have given the boys things to do everyday such as making their beds, get dressed, brush their teeth, put laundry away. When we were in the camper the chores were limited due to the space. Now that we are in the house, I have introduced more and talked to the boys about “helping” mommy out more since I can no longer bend over without worrying about falling forward or staying on the floor indefinitely.

helpers1As we get closer to having the baby, I’ve been thinking of ways to become more organized so that I don’t have to worry about things getting mixed up or missed. We have A LOT of things going on in the next month and a half. (Preschool screening, Kindergarten Screening, The baby, Preschool graduation and several other things. Busy Busy) Its exciting and nerve wrecking because it will go by so fast and I just want it to slow down. Each day we get closer to having another child while my little boys are becoming so big. So today I made a detailed list of the chores I expect to be completed by each. It’s a trial list and I will most likely redo it a couple of times (3-4) before I find a format a list that works. helpersLooking at Pinterest, I have found and pinned several designs that are interactive. Like one that uses that use clothes pins they can move as they complete the days chore. Some of the things I have on the current list are not daily chores but whenever chores. Like unloading the dishwasher. I don’t want them unloading the whole thing, just the silverware. I wash as I go so we only use the dishwasher 1-2 times a week. Or the dirty clothes. We have carried over the once a week laundry day, so gathering dirty clothes only needs to be accomplished once a week. Its a work in progress. helpers3 My end goal is to have a command center type set up on the wall next to my stove for everyone to look at if they want to know what dinner we are eating, what activity is coming up, what chores have to be done or what bills are due.  It is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to have that organization at my finger tips but like everything in life, it is a process and will take some time to get it right. Honestly I figure it won’t be done before the new baby and newborn life take over. I have penned it down into my bullet journal  though so it’s a plan darn it.

If you have any suggestions on what kind of chores a 4 and 5-year-old can do please contact me here, on Instagram or Facebook. @Findingmommeblog or

I look forward to seeing what you have to say and the suggestions presented. I am honestly curious if I am asking the boys to do too much.





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