Faith in Humanity

This last week has been really good. We sold the camper, we paid off a major financial strain, we got internet and my faith in humanity was restored. Lets face it with all the negative media attention on anything that includes; death, shootings, sickness or politics, it’s hard to see that humanity as a whole is actually pretty awesome. As a goal I try to look at everyone without casting judgment, I even try my hardest to smile at everyone I see. Its nice and you never know who’s day can be made by a simple kind gesture.

Humanity3This week that is what happened to me as it turns out. Remember those amazingly nice people who bought our camper? Well, we came home one night from getting some take out and there was an Amazon envelope on out front door, propped actually.  Since we, Husband and I, are paranoid we of course thought the worst. With all the explosive devices in the mail, my husband pushed the boys and I through the door and closed it. He decided he was going to open it out in the yard away from us. Heroic but scary. Well he comes in a few minutes later with a weird look on his face and handed me an envelope. Humanity1I open it and it is a very unexpected Amazon Gift card for the baby from the people who bought the camper. It was so sweet that I texted them and told them “you didn’t have to do this, it is so sweet and unexpected. We appreciate it greatly.” They said we were very welcome and that they hoped we enjoy the baby girl and that we should expect another package the next day. I was blown away. These were strangers, even though we had spent hours conversing and going over various things about the camper and small talk, they went out of their way to gift us with something to celebrate our baby girl.

Humanity2The next day was a nice warm and sunny day, which if you don’t know is ridiculously rare here in Missouri lately. But the boys and I were outside enjoying he weather and playing with bubble gloves when our mail lady drove up and said she had a few things for us. Of course being the social butterfly that he is my oldest walked up to her and asked if he could help. She handed him the regular mail and then handed me this huge lightish box from Amazon. I told her “Thank you.” and wrangled the boys into the house to open the box. It was again from that couple and I was curious as to what else they could have done. HumanityWell it turns out they sent us a plush pink rocking horse for little miss. The boys helped put it together and repeatedly told me how cute it was. I cried and thanked God for the unexpected blessings he has given us.

Humanity may be messed up but the majority of us are just trying to do the best we can to give people a smile and make the lives of our families and friends a welcome and loving place to call home.

Humanity4 So again, I want to say Thank you to the wonderful family for first of all buying the camper, and secondly for sending us gifts for the baby. We wish you all the best in the world and hope God blesses you as he has us.



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