Expectations of a Parent/ Adult

The amount of knowledge an adult is required to just HAVE is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been an adult for years and even now, a mother of three and almost 30 years old, I find myself asking “How am I supposed to know that?” From assessing a car for the first time, to buying a house, filing taxes or having a baby. All these things are not common knowledge and I feel it is a subject that doesn’t get much attention. We are not preparing our youth correctly. Yes, we prepare them for college, more exams, going to classes and potentially living in a dorm/structured environment but what about those that are NOT lucky enough to go to college or can’t afford it. Those that chose to join the work force instead of continue education. Sometimes it’s more feasible to go to work instead of paying for a degree that won’t be much good for another 4 years. (I am in no way knocking college, I went to college but Life also hit me and I was unable to finish and I am sure there are many people out there that it did the same.)

adulting4   I remember getting out of High school and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of “Real Life” situations I was unprepared for. Getting auto insurance for instance, which seems like a breeze now, was a nightmare back then. No one told me, showed me or explained to me what I needed versus what I could afford. Now they make it easy by doing online quotes with suggestions but then? I was lost, I remember feeling lost in the vocabulary, until I looked up and researched the vernacular. Liability, comprehensive, deductible. What?  Now, I have home owners insurance, car insurance, trailer insurance, renters insurance, health/dental and vision insurance. The list goes on and on. And it all amounts to protecting yourself in case something goes wrong, cause the good Lord knows you will dearly pay if you are NOT covered.

adulting2  Another thing no one tells you or teaches you is getting your taxes assessed, whether it be personal property or a new car. This is at the local level and requires you to go to the court-house in your town. Going in for the first time to get this done is nerve wrecking because you won’t have all the documentation and will be making several trips which if you think about it is a good thing. Gets you familiar with the layout of the court house. Once all documentation is in order, head to the assessors office, then to the county tax collector then finally to your DMV or tax title and license office if you purchased a vehicle. This is where you will pay sales tax if you didn’t at a dealership. This is where you will get your license plate and registration. This is where you will wait for hours because it seems that everyone that has every worked at this establishment is angry and bitter and takes forever. (okay probably not everyone but a good majority at least the ones I have come in contact with.) Once that is over you will feel, upset because of the money spent, the time wasted and the amount of paper work that you question actually needs to be done. Arn’t adult things fun, said NO ONE ever. No one who is an adult wants to be an adult. Stay a child as long as possible. LOL

Stressed business woman having lots of work to do. The last thing that I’m going to touch on that no one teaches you is something so very important yet no one talks about the business side. Having a child. There are so many people who are babies having babies that it shocks me. The amount of information that is out there regarding the importance of making your baby a person is mind-boggling. Besides the whole making a baby is HARD, uncomfortable and not to be taken mildly, a new parent literally has hours of paperwork to complete. From filling out social security card registration, birth certificate requests and all the getting to know your newborn pamphlets, it becomes blatantly obvious how much this little baby has changed your life. I remember when our first was born, all that paperwork had to be done before we were discharged from the hospital. Mind you this is 24-48 hours of agonizing labor just to get the little life out and into the world. Then, you get home and just stare at this life form you created and think “what do I do now?” Well, thankfully instincts kick in and you just change diapers, cuddle and feed.

adulting1Really our society should be about making knowledgeable, well-informed and ready adults that can go out into the world without anxiety every time something new comes into their life. But I suppose that’s how you learn to be an adult. Trial and error. Random thoughts and aggravations of a pregnant mind. I just couldn’t get to off my mind till pen met paper as they say.

Hopefully this helps in someway or gives you a good chuckle.




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