RV Life

We SOLD the camper!

Yippee!!!! We sold the camper. It is no longer in the family and as much as I am excited, elated and ecstatic about that outcome, the end result was kind of sad. We have had it for sale for the last two weeks with a ton of positive feedback and even more people looking at it but no real interest until yesterday. Easter. sold5For our part of Missouri, Easter was not a pleasant weathered affair. It was cold about 28 degrees, windy and mid morning it began to ice. By 2 o’clock in the afternoon there was at least a quarter-inch of ice covering our cars. It was cool though cause we were NOT in the camper and we were comfy and warm in the house. But we received a message via Facebook marketplace that inquired about seeing the camper. The hubs replied and said if they wanted to see it we would be here to show it to them. Apparently this person was on the way back from Branson and wanted to stop and look before continuing on the way home.

Sold1When they showed it, it was in the thick of icing its butt off. Almost as if mother nature was playing an extremely cruel April Fools/ Easter prank on everyone. Hubs went down to the camper and met the person inquiring and left me and the boys in the house. I allowed about 40 minutes to go by before I texted “everything okay? Do I need to drive down?” See our landlord was extremely obliging in they allowed us to park the RV at the end of our road till we sold it. It’s maybe a 1/4 mile from our drive way around the corner. The hubs texted back a “No” so I continued to relax and play with the boys. About a half hour later he shows up and tells me to get ready to go talk to and meet these people as they are very interested in buying the camper. I put my warm clothes on and we proceeded to the meeting. I was surprised. They were very nice and very interested. These poor things however were NOT prepared for the weather. As it was Easter sunday’s and they were headed home from family affairs they were nicely dressed and freezing. We hurried as we showed them the furnace worked wonders and everything was in working order. They left shortly after with the promise to call us with the logistics later.

SoldToday, the man drove down two hours and met us at the camper. The hubs showed him everything he needed to know about towing a 32 foot 6 inch trailer. We provided the hitch ball, receiver and tow bars as well as a towing lesson. He was such a good sweet and nice man who made me feel at ease about the sale. The sad part occurred when my youngest who has really only known the camper asked me “Why do you not like the camper anymore?” It surprised me and made me think about the answer. It’s not that I don’t like the camper anymore, that time and place in our lives ran its course. We are a growing family, we had amazing times in the camper and I will cherish those moments fondly. Sold2I will always remember and show the boys pictures of our time there. It taught us so much and allowed me to grow spiritually and as an individual in ways I never anticipated. I looked at my son and said ” I loved the camper, but its time for that family to love the camper now. We have to share.” He looked at me and smiled and shook his head in agreement as if he completely comprehended what I was trying to convey. I love where life has taken us and the trials we have faced. We are built and molded by those challenges that’s what makes us human. But watching it drive away, was sad because that was where I began to truly love being a mom. That is where I learned that I can be a mom and me. That is where Findingmommeblog was started. I hope that it gives its new owners the insights it gave me or at least some truly wonderful family time. God has been good to us  led us to meet some great people and I pray that he is equally as good to this nice family.

sold4New adventures await us and thankfully it will be in a little more space this time around. 🙂




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