NST (Non-Stress Test)

33weeksApproaching my second week of NST’s for baby girl and they are not all that bad. I have to go in Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. They have only lasted a total of 30 minutes and I am done. Baby girl has been extremely active and cooperative with the process as we are doing the monitoring for her. She has a strong and consistent heart beat which makes this momma very happy.

33weeks5The part I enjoy that I was NOT anticipating was the quiet. Being a mom that is a luxury, a quiet space with no noise in your house is a warning sign that tends to stress me out more than hearing the comforting sounds of various cars my boys have been making since birth. If I can hear them, they are being good. It’s when all is quiet that I start to worry. But during the mandatory test, I have this 30 minute stretch that I don’t have to fear the silence, I can enjoy it. I have been using it to pray, think and relax. It has helped my anxiety a lot.  Tuesday’s the hubs takes the boys to soccer practice while I’m doing the test and Friday’s he has off, so I make sure to schedule the test and weekly doctor appointments for that morning. Lets be honest I have NEVER been to my doctor yet that I have NOT had to wait a minimum of 1 hour. And the waiting room is not a place to relax as it is filled with all kinds of people with their various conversations, volumes and problems.

33weeks2Last week marked 33 weeks pregnant. But when he measured my fundal height (Fundal Height– the distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus measured in centimeters. After 20 weeks of pregnancy, your fundal height measurement often matches the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant.) it was measuring at 35. So in essence I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of where I am estimated to be according to my due date.


33weeks1For me this is not a big surprise, from the beginning I have felt as if I am further along. In the coming weeks we will see. The last two weeks have been rough. Braxton hicks contraction have become stronger and more frequent as well as my general comfortability. I feel huge and everyday gets worse. I can’t sleep anymore and when I do it’s not for more than a couple of hours. I know it is getting close, just how close only the Lord knows.  But until than I will continue to do what my doctor suggests, NST and weekly appointments. The boys are getting more excited and we have collected about all we can for her arrival. I’m anxious to meet her and see the face I have only been dreaming of for the last 8 months.





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