Poor maternal weight gain.

Quick recap of the current events. We moved ( finally and thankfully) we have the house mostly set up and lastly I have been informed that I have poor maternal weight gain which has resulted in me going 2x a week for non-stress tests for the baby.

pregweight2Before you get all worried about me ( I appreciate it) let me first inform you that the diagnoses is due to the fact that I have only gained 3 lbs this pregnancy. That in and of itself is a miracle because remember I was obese when I first came in. Secondly, my blood pressure is awesome 114/70 and the babies heart rate has been consistent and healthy at 137-140 beats per min. I have also never carried a more active child. She is almost constantly kicking which in the last few weeks has turned to rolls and pushes due to how big she is getting. The doctor has even told me when I asked him if he was worried that he is not, that I seem to be doing wonderfully and it is just procedure for women at my stage in pregnancy (32 weeks) who have gained less than 10 pounds to have twice weekly non-stress tests until 34 weeks. It’s to make sure the baby is happy and healthy and there is no change in her heart rate at different times during the day. For the most part though, I am eating when I am hungry and eating appropriate proprtions. I think because of my pryer weight they expected me to gain ALOT. I’ve stayed pretty active chasing after the boys and I have maintained our clean eating/ water intake. I will be thankful for it all after the baby gets here. I just have to ignore the nagging feeling in my gut that makes me think I’m being a bad mom. I don’t feel like anything is wrong. The baby is moving and normal, I am feeling good most of the time other than the regular pregnancy things that occur in this stage.

We will see. I’ll stay the course and pray. But on a side note for dinner tonight I made tuna patties and served it over salad. It was good.

Honestly though, the last two weeks have pretty well convinced me that she will not make her due date of May 17.pregweight7 I think she will be early. She has already dropped and my Braxton Hicks contractions are getting harsher and lasting longer but always go away after position change or some stretching. And the increase in pressure I feel is sometimes so uncomfortable that I don’t like being on my feet for more than 10 min at a time. This has seriously hindered our moving in process. I usually have everything set up, unpacked and back to normal by now but at this stage I can not guarantee that outcome. It’s a slow progress that is dragging on. A consolation prize though is that I have everything set up for little miss. Her bassinet is up and next to the bed as well as her blankets and clothes.

The Boys room is also all set up and I have come up with (Thank you Pinterest) a storage solution for the boys room that allows for their clothes to be organized and in the closet so it’s easily accessible to both boys and out of the storm that is rediscovered toys.

PregweightAnother great thing that has happened is we have a WASHER and DRYER of our own, 10 feet from my couch inside our garage. That means NO more laundry mat and a savings of $40 a month in quarters. The relief that gives me is immense. I am very grateful and don’t completely know how to thank the good Lord for his blessings. He is Great!

The next couple weeks are going to be busy. We have kindergarten round-up for our oldest, preschool round-up for our middle and the baby due soon. We also have speech once a week, my extra doctor appointments and soccer has begun again. From now till the baby decides to make her appearance I am going to feel like a chicken with her head cut off. All is okay though since it will keep me from thinking of all the things that will happen during delivery. I tend to dwell on the bad that could happen, like this is my first time around. Being my third I KNOW what can go wrong so I worry. Anxiety, hormones and worry, not a good combination. It’s almost over. It’s almost over. It’s almost over.

Repeat and believe.

Tomorrow I will write a post of the awesome homemade no bake cheesecake I made for Hubs birthday. It’s so good and simple.





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