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Answered Prayers….

moved2WE have MOVED!!!! We are no longer living in the RV. That statement in and of itself is absolutely amazing. Having prayed for 2 years on this outcome, it’s a little surreal to be the recipient of an answered prayer. But it feels so good. We moved Monday of this week and all we have had is RV beds and clothes. The boys have been a bit hard to handle due to their excitement bubbling over. The first day we spent the night, our oldest walked in and for the rest of my days I will never forget the excitement on his face. He walked in cautiously and then asked if he could run. And since then that is how he travels in the house. Compared to the camper that had approximately 260 square feet of living space, our new place has 1290 sq ft. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath duplex with a garage.

movedAll week-long I have dropped our oldest off at school then headed to the camper to clean and empty it of its contents. So we have what we had in the camper here. The rest of our stuff was in a 10×10 storage unit (2 years now) and is being driven up tomorrow by my parents and in-laws.



moved3The biggest thing I’m excited about is the king bed that has been sitting in storage calling my name. In fact it’s call became louder once I got pregnant and bigger. I Can’t wait. All the space……… The camper will be put up for sale as soon as its completely emptied and moved. So if you know anyone in Southern Missouri who would like a 2017 Amerilite ultra lite by Gulf Stream for well under value, direct them toward me. I’ll give them a deal. Its cleaned and all the kinks have been worked out. Would be excellent for someones camping adventures. moved4Honestly it was good to us for two years but I NEVER want to see it again, I’ve had too much exposure and am officially done. So we await the Uhaul that is carrying our belonging as we sit on a bare living room floor, the hubs put together our new TV stand and is playing Xbox as I write. The boys are asleep in their new “BIG boy” room and the silence is so different, but I feel content in the knowledge that we have done it. We have gotten out of the camper and we have a place the baby can come home to and the boys won’t be caged in. I am happy and excited for the future. That is a big thing for someone who has felt that their life was on pause for the last two years.

Have a good night and God Bless!




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