OH baby! Nesting has begun and my husband is so excited. (Not really, he hates it. LOL) Nesting is an urge to clean and organize your living space.nesting1 Nesting during pregnancy is known as the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for the new baby. Imagine a bird making a nest for her eggs. That’s what I am right now, a big momma bird getting ready for the egg to hatch. The instinct is usually strongest in the later weeks and drives everyone crazy. Heck, I am the one suffering from it and it is already driving me crazy.  This being my third baby, I was at least prepared for the drive that hit in the last week. But was unprepared for how strong the drive would be.

nesting3It started one day as I awoke from a nap and put my glasses on. Looking at the ceiling above our bed, I noticed the miniscule amounts of dust in the corners of the room. It drove me insane. I immediately got up and started wiping down our bedroom. It’s little y’all and a camper so as you can imagine there is always dust, dirt or something to clean. Plus I’m a mom of little boys so I should be used to the dirt. Right? Wrong, Since that day, I can’t sit still without noticing something that needs a wipe down, or scrubbed or swept. Yesterday I literally woke up before anyone and began scrubbing the inside of the oven. I scrubbed it so hard my arms hurt today, but that oven looks good. Saturday, I spent close to two hours cross-legged on the floor of the boy’s room, scrapping off stickers from the boys closet door. When I was done scraping, I cleaned all the sticky goo off until it looked new. This isn’t new to me, it has happened with every pregancy and laughably around the same too. With my first, nesting started with the Hubs finding me in the kitchen floor at 3 am scrubbing the tile. The second was early morning again scrubbing the bathroom. So in comparison, dusting the ceiling has been tame. 🙂

My hub hates this stage in pregnancy because as calming and irritating it is to me at times (depending on my mood), I do end up taking it out on everyone. Honestly the need to keep everything clean is overwhelming. I don’t want to snap at the boys for things they always do. nestingAnd there is still 10 weeks left in this pregnancy, so a conscious effort to NOT  freak out when mud is tracked in or milk is spilt will have to be made. The boys are still little boys and I have to remind myself often, which is crazy because at the same time I look at them and think “they aren’t babies anymore and where did my babies go?” All that is, is preggo hormones going haywire. Logically I can say that now as I sit in the dark, quiet camper while everyone is asleep but come mid-morning; I might bust out in tears because of something super small. Who knows? The day has barely begun.

I hope you all have a beautiful and happy day!



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