So, as I am sure you have noticed my attention to this blog has waned a bit. I am truly sorry for that and will try harder to maintain a posting schedule. The last few weeks have been crazy. Emotional, hormonal and plans have been in the works that I had to place God and my mental well-being above anything else. Below I will outline the events that have occurred and it is all in a positive direction.

 Firstly; we have rented our house. FINALLY! After two years, many tears and even more cuss words, our house is under a 6 month- 1 year lease. It is just in the nick of time and we are overly excited. In order to get it ready we had to make a spontaneous trip back to Arkansas, to clean the yard and make the house spick and span. It took a couple of days but the boys got to visit their grandparents and we signed up with a management company to manage the property for us. The house rented in 3 days. 3 DAYS, can you believe it? Miracle is what it was. I pray that the family loves the place and continues to live, laugh and love there.

Secondly; We can now look for a place that is NOT the camper. We have applied for a house here and await the application to process. The excitement I feel bubbling to the surface is something that I have not felt or allowed my self to feel in a long time. It is a character flaw, but I keep myself from getting excited because I am afraid of disappointment. Hubs has brought it to my attention that, that is no way to live and that I should show the boys how excited/happy I am at the prospects of FINALLY getting a semblance of a normal life again. Its been too long and I have forgotten what it feels like to have separate rooms and space. It is going to feel SOOO good.

Thirdly; I am now in the 3rd trimester. In the home stretch and can’t wait to meet this baby. She has gotten so big that I look like there is a watermelon under my shirt. Sleep is becoming impossible in long stretches and she is so low that sitting, standing or walking has become uncomfortable. It all indicates that the countdown clock has begun and the state of uncomfortableness will only get worse until she decides she wants to meet mommy, daddy and big brothers. The weather has begun to get better so I have restarted the daily bike rides for the boys and the walks for me. It feels so good to see the sun. The color of Missouri has started to change from the grey of winter to the green of spring. My hope is that it will continue. I am so tired of winter.

Last week I had to get my RH negative shot. If you don’t know its a genetic mutation that indicates the red blood cells of the carrier don’t carry a certain protein. Essentially  my body produces antibodies against anything that isn’t my blood type. It can be potentially dangerous for the baby I am carrying if she has a different blood type. My second child has a different blood type and we were given several shots in order to prevent any complications. The shot itself hurts like a mother, in fact it burns because it is oil based while going in. It can be given in the hip or the arm, the fatty parts. Why does having a child have to be so long and painful? Of course when it is all said and done it is one of the most beautiful and worthwhile experiences in life. The pain is never remembered, only the sweet innocent life that was created. 🙂

The next few weeks will be busy, due to the bi-weekly doctor appointments, soccer and school functions for the boys. Our oldest has kindergarten roundup soon, our middle has pre-school roundup and hopefully we will be moved into a new place. Crazy and hectic are  a way of life and it will only get worse. That makes the slow and boring days like a pirate’s treasure. Its rare, hard to find but oh so worth it.


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