Pregnancy Brain.

Pregnancy brain is real. So real that every women who has experienced pregnancy can tell you that we all suffer in one way or an other. Being my third pregnancy, I can tell you that every pregnancy is different. Not, just in the way the baby is carried, what hurts or the emotions and hormones that are effected but in the way the mother is mentally stunted.

pregbrain Also referred to as Momnesia, Pregnancy Brain is medically not something that is acknowledge because according to certain studies, brain scans have not changed for women after pregnancy. But as a pregnant women, and many others like me will tell you, that is complete bullshit. I have always been very mentally sharp but the moment (I’m convinced it was the moment) that I became pregnant with baby girl, I have lost that sharpness. And it hasn’t come back yet. I’m now 6.5 months pregnant and still have memory issues.  One example of that is we went to town to do laundry, as we do every Friday and I forgot to get the laundry money bag that hangs literally right next to the door. As a result we had to come back to get it then go back to town. That is not such a big deal except for the fact that it wasted time.

pregbrain1As a result of the continued forgetfulness, I have had to make it a necessity to write down  EVERYTHING. If my husband tells me something, I write it down. If I have an appointment, I write it in my bullet journal and my phone with reminders. Thankfully,  I haven’t missed an appointment yet. And the boys, the poor boys, they ask me for something and I will forget it if I don’t do it at the moment they ask. Even they have gotten to a point where they will say ” mommy forgot again,” or “mommy, did you forget?” Poor things. I’m trying. That is all I can say.

pregbrain4 Creativity has also seemed to left me, temporarily but still. I no longer have a desire to draw or even write. I really think this is part of the mommy brain thing. Being unable to think clearly about a task at hand is a struggle. Writing this post today has been a struggle, the boys are buzzing around like flies, the baby is kicking me and I am thinking of everything that I should be or could be doing. It really is crazy.

pregbrain3Once the baby is born and I can have her in front of me, everything will start its path back to regularity. And honestly, I am done being pregnant. Ever again. I am done. This mentality issue has really worn me down. I rely on myself to keep the family running smoothly and at the moment I can NOT do that.  I need to take some Ghenko Biloba or something. LOL



We only have 3 months left and in the home stretch. It’s almost done and I can almost hold my baby girl. I feel complete in that knowledge and no matter what the last few months have brought; I am happy in the knowledge that the boys know I love them and they will hardly remember how forgetful I was.pregbrain5 They have started to take care of their “Babies” (stuffed animals). They wrapped them in blankets, cuddled them and pretended to change diapers. Man, are they in for a surprise when I change that first real blow out diaper. LOL





One thought on “Pregnancy Brain.

  1. As usual, I loved your blog. How true. Hang in there. They brighten my day. Keep up the good (or maybe sometimes not so good) news. Love you and your sweet family.


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