6 Months pregnant……

It has happened. I have now gotten to that point in pregnancy where I am tired again all the time.  Especially on the weekends when I know the hubs can watch the boys, I go to sleep. I can literally sleep the entire day if I allow myself, only getting up to eat then go back to sleep. Heartburn has also become a problem again which I am hopeful to mean that baby girl will be born with a little hair. Both boys were born with very blond almost bold heads. It would be very cute to see baby girl with more hair but she will be beautiful no matter what she has on her head.

6mthsAt 25 1/2 weeks pregnant, I finally feel pregnant. I can’t hide the baby bump any longer or the pain in my hips if I sit too long. I need to step up my yoga game to combat the strain and extra baby weight as much as possible. Even though I haven’t actually gained any weight. But I still have 3 months to go and it is very possible that the bulk of the weight will be gained in those critical months. As long as I keep aware of my food intake and activity levels, I believe I will be fine. She is moving, kicking, punching up a storm and that reassured me that everything is healthy and on track.  My hormones are also out of control. I can be laughing one minute and crying because a really cute commercial came on. It is insane. One thing I did stop doing that I have rectified is my water intake. It has been severely lacking lately in lieu of soda. (Cravings) That I was allowing this kind of change after going through sugar withdrawals before pregnancy is shameful. Like dang, I know what that feels like, why would I go back to it willingly? So now I am aware and making sure to get my 100 ounces of water a day. Even though that creates more bathroom trips for me, its good for my body and the baby. Water is literally life.

6mths6As we approach the last trimester of pregnancy, I can openly admit that I am very anxious to meet baby girl and be done with being pregnant forever. (Getting my tubes tied after baby is born)  I look forward to all the new experiences with the baby and our two boys as well as getting back to working out and being a good example for the boys. In fact just the other day, my boys told me they like it when I work out because they get to play outside and I watch them while working out. It is nice because it gives me something to do besides be a referee and with the new baby it will allow her some time outside looking at all the new things this world has to offer. It will also give me a 30-40 minute break to be me again and not just mommy. I love being a mommy but when you are pregnant your world is literally consumed with being just that. Everything you do, eat or drink has to be thought about for the safety and well-being of the growing child.6mths7 Once that baby is born you can think on two different levels depending on your choice of feeding. I plan to breastfeed so that will entail me making sure to watch if the baby gets irritable or gassy after certain food choices as well as keep up my milk supply. If you are unable to breastfeed or are against it, that gives a mom little more freedom because the choices, with food or drink are entirely up to the mom with out the baby being effected. Either choice though is time-consuming, a newborn eats every two hours or so. Their  stomachs are so small they can only hold so much.

My other two pregnancies were a lot more organized and prepared. I don’t feel that way this time around. I feel like a chicken with her head cut off, I literally need everything. Though we did recently  buy some clothes that were on sale and some wonderful friends got us some more clothes and made baby Girl the most beautiful crocheted blanket.  Now I’ve begun making a list and we need a car seat, blankets, pacifiers, bottles, burp clothes, bibs, more clothes, diapers and wipes.  6mths2We also need a co-sleeper bed so in case we are in the camper she has a place to sleep that will be safe, convenient and space-saving.  Besides the fatct that I will be breastfeeding so if she co sleeps with us (The boys also co-slept) it will be a more proficient use of my time and keeping the boys asleep if she is fussy.  But we are trying, praying and working toward getting a rental house. This is just a precaution but one that must be decided on.


So far this new year has shaped up to have a rock bottom beginning. But I refuse to let it bring us down. There is absolutely nothing that worrying and stressing can help and in fact has recently made me physically ill. Which is NOT good for the baby. I want the baby and myself to continue to be healthy and when she is born, I want it to be into a happy home no matter what the circumstances. That is a tall order but God is almighty and he has got this. Baby girl is a blessing, the boys are blessings and all of us being together is a blessing. I just have to remember that. Even with the recent frustrating news, the weather has been pleasant and nice. I enjoy the sun and it has been out more lately which is wonderful. We have resumed our walks/bike rides and the boys love it. It allows an outlet for their energy and a way to further exercise for me besides that sun on my face makes me happy.

I have to admit though I have no idea what I am doing. The camper was only supposed to be a year-long commitment that turned into two. We had previously planned to rent out the house if it didn’t sell, then we kept putting it off. I’m terrified of getting horrible renters and making things worse but at this point we don’t really have a choice. So now we are looking to rent it while it is up for sale. Either way it’s just sitting there and that’s a shame. God presents opportunities, it is up to us to take them. That is our choice as his children.

There is a lot to get done now and even more to plan. Gotta get to work. 🙂


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