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Grocery shopping with Kids….

So as I have become accustomed to, every other Wednesday I wake up and look at the local grocery ads for the stores I use. The ads come out every Wednesday and will help me in determining what meals I will make. It helps to have a routine and a mundane task that I can cross off my  “To Do” list. The satisfaction that I get, though fleeting, from completing it is enough to make me happy. Things mommies do, huh?

gskids4This week, I am planning on 7-9 meals and that will leave roughly 4 that we can be spontaneous about. Sometimes breakfast for dinner is the best. This also allows flexibility into our schedule. The boys also need a break from all the clean eating. They do well eating what I cook without complaining if I give them some nights where they get to have the old classic of “Mac n Cheese.” Kids have to be kids, am I right?

For Christmas, I received several journals because my family knows I’m obsessed with stationary and having separate places where I collect my thoughts. My mom got me a cute little white and gold journal with lined paper, that I have made into my Meal Plans, Grocery List and recipes we like, journal. It’s all clean eating recipes and ratings on how well my family received the dish. It will help me in making my bi-weekly chore a breeze when the baby gets here.

gskids6I start with the list of sale items, then move over to my favorite Pinterest to research/ browse the recipes I have saved. If they look good I will click the link and look at the ingredients and directions. If I think my husband will like it or the boys I will write down on my list in the journal as well as the ingredients that I will need in the notes app on my phone. I repeat this action until I have the right amount of meals for the pay period. Then I use the food items on my app and organize them into a separated and categorized written grocery list in the journal as to make my shopping trip more proficient. The categories I use are; Dairy, produce, Meats, boxed/canned, household and pharmacy.

gskids5The list is actually a bunch of columns in the journal that I write the items under. Its helps because as a mom, the boys are usually with me and let’s be honest, kids grocery shopping are the worst. It’s all whiny whiny, I want I want I want and He’s touching me, he’s kicking me and on and on. After about 30 minutes of that embarrassing display, I know that I am about ready to snap and leave but grocery shopping is necessary and I have it down to a science, so that I am almost done before the boys go full on annoying mode. LOL But despite all my planning I still usually leave the second and last grocery store in almost tears from the frustration and embarrassment the boys actions make me feel. It’s more me then the boys because I don’t like to draw attention to myself in any way but the boys in their effort to help me, make anyone in the vicinity stop and stare.

gskidsI will never understand the need for complete strangers to stare at you in when a young child is having a meltdown., Does your staring help the situation? Does it make you feel better as a person to stress a mother out more than what her child is already doing? Honestly it would be better if you kept acting like we didn’t exist. The kid will get over it. I don’t spank them, or yell at them in a store. This is how a child learns how to act in public. If I do anything other than stand there and place my kid in the basket and keep going on about my duties then it will get worse and the child will have gotten exactly what they wanted. Again, this is my problem and usually why I get so upset. Doesn’t help that my hormones are raging due to being so pregnant. I have spent years praying for patience, and I was granted that and am challenged daily. Be careful what you ask for. Haha.

As it gets closer to having another dear child I cherish in this world, I look forward to enjoying today. My anxiety of the future and what it could possibly hold has ruined many good days because of my inability to be content with today. That is probably my biggest goal, living for today. Not worrying about tomorrow. It’s okay to plan and be optimistic but worrying about tomorrow, next week or next year is a time waster. I have to enjoy the blessings I was given this morning. It’s a long road ahead but I am trying.





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