And one more to the gut!

negative1 It seems that the majority of my posts lately (at least the ones I start then delete) have been really very negative. When I first started this blog, the main goal was to make it an inspiring and positive place for myself and others to come and gain motivation. In the last several months though with everything that has been going on personally I have felt a lack of positive energy so I just didn’t write. And that only made things worse for me mentally. I love to write. I love that it gives me a way to express my feelings and share my opinions and experiences without feeling like I am being ignored. And if you have been following this blog and the progression then you know that, that is among several reasons I slacked off.

negative4 In the last two years, We have lived in a camper and dealt with a plethora of challenges that we were honestly not ready for. We learned and we succeeded in making the time an enjoyable experience for the boys. The only thing we have yet to accomplish is the sale of our house, and that well, that isn’t really in our control. The thought of that house makes me sad and angry all at once. But God is working on it one way or another. We really hope that he can help us at least come up with he means for a rental house or apartment before the baby gets here in May. I was feeling optimistic about it and then the Government shutdown occurred. Why would this effect me? negative3Well my husband is one of those unfortunate employees that doesn’t get paid while the Government is closed and squabbling like children. It is frustrating because we are the ones to suffer when grown men and women of congress still get all the benefits and pay of their position. We get nothing. It only becomes stressful when it lasts through a paycheck and then the worry of late bills, no food and people asking questions comes into the fold. Hopefully this time around they will end this publicity stunt early and we can get along with our lives.

negative6As always the only thing I can do is pray. Pray to the lord that he keeps us safe and watch over us like he always does. Keeping faith is the hardest part of this whole journey. We are here for a reason and there is a lesson we are meant to learn. Already I have learned more patience and humility then I think I would have ever learned otherwise. I have also learned that a little goes a long way and that a person doesn’t actually have to have all the stuff to be happy. I have also had the privilege to spend time with my boys that I would not be able to get back if we were in a different situation. I am grateful for all of that. Now however I have started to feel as though it is time for a change. So only time will tell. If you, like us are going through a hard time, just remember you are not alone and it will pass. negative5Just take a deep breath and go outside, go for a walk and live in the moment. That is what I have to do and it helps tremendously. Think of your self as a boxer and the more hits you take over time the easier it is to get over the pain and keep going. One day we will all be champions and will look back at these times as the training they are.



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