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Baby Martial Arts…..

kicks1   I forgot how extraordinary, amazing and odd it is to have a little human grow inside you. It’s down right weird at times, especially when that baby starts to move and kick with no concern for the feelings or sensations of the host. LOL. This child inside my abdomen is already giving me fits and I am only 22 weeks. Which means that I have just begun because there is still 18 weeks hopefully for us to meet her. It makes me happy to know that she is healthy and progressing normally. I feel blessed in that.

kicksHowever, It does feel like an alien is moving around and about to pop out at times. Our youngest got to feel the baby move just the other day and I expected him to have a bigger reaction than he did. He was just like “eh…. whatever, no big deal.” Being a little shocked, I had to remind myself that he is only 3 and doesn’t entirely grasp the miracle it is. For him it was just little twitch under my skin. For me it feels like a very small battering ram against my stomach. HAHA. The hubs got to feel her too and was impressed as I was at how strong the kicks are already. I mean the baby is the size of a medium spaghetti squash (at least that is what my app says. (What to expect app, BabyCenter app and the OviaPregnancy app.)) During my ultrasound last week, the technician told the boys  the babies head was the size of an egg and then told me that she was about 13 ounces. That is freaking tiny when you think about it. Mind boggling actually, to think of all the things this little human can already to. kicks4Our oldest has not felt the baby yet because every time he comes over and places his hand on my belly, the baby stops all movement. Frustration in a 5-year-old is kind of amusing. He gets so upset with me like I am controlling the movement and intensity. He will eventually be able to feel it but for right now, I think baby girl likes messing with her older brother. Things to come I suppose.



kicks3 Along with the increased movement, Braxton Hicks has reared their ugly head already. If you don’t know Braxton Hicks, is contractions that are considered practice. They don’t exactly hurt but that can be uncomfortable. They are sporadic and if you change positions or move or sit down they stop. My belly sometimes gets so hard its uncomfortable to breath. I remember having them with the boys but not this soon. Hopefully that means my body is just getting toned and practiced so that when the baby is at term, my labour won’t be so long. With our first it took 25 hours to meet that joker. The second was 18 hours, So if my body and baby girl can keep it under 12 hours, I will be oh so grateful. However, I DO NOT want to meet her until she is term and closer to her due date of May 17. kicks2

On that note, it will go by so quick. We have decided as a couple and family that I will have my tubes tied after she is born. We are done having children and I can honestly say this pregnancy is by far my easiest one so far. God blessed me with a baby and a girl at that, and I can honestly say I feel complete in that knowledge. The hubs and I always agreed and said that we would be done having children by the time I am 30. This baby will be born roughly 2-3 weeks before my 30th birthday. I want to be ready and happy when she comes. I am trying to get in that mind-set now. When our second was born, I had a touch of postpartum depression. It was crazy. I cried for no reason but was happy with the baby and our toddler. But I am in a better place now and have notified our doctor of my history and my husband is amazing at helping and talking to me when I get irrational. He is amazing and I am beyond blessed to have him in my life.
kicks5Besides the baby update, we started back to eating clean. I made a menu for the next two weeks and went grocery shopping today before the winter weather hit our area. The temperature went from 51 degrees this morning to 29 by noon. Right now it is 16 with a  raging wind and it is chilly. There is ice everywhere but the camper is nice and cozy. So in the middle of all the wind, sleet and freezing rain, I was running around with the boys getting everything we needed for the weekend so that we wouldn’t have to make anymore trips besides dropping Bubbers off to school tomorrow. I had forgotten how much cheaper our groceries are when I research a couple of days in advance and make a meal list and grocery list. We went from spending $200-$250 every two weeks to $150 today for two weeks. I literally bought everything from laundry detergent and garbage bags to zucchini and bread. Our pantry is packed as well as our refrigerator.kicks6 I have to manage my weight gain a bit better. I expect to gain weight but since my last appointment I have gained 9 pounds. That is NOT all baby. That is a shitty diet and no portion control. So in order to combat that, I am determined to stick to the menu. It is going to suck. It takes thought, self-control (I don’t have this) and will power. After the next two weeks, it won’t be so bad. Think of it as a detox period. Detoxing all the bad out again. It will be easier though once the detox is complete. The hub is excited because he wanted to do a cut anyway. (A cut is the cutting of crap (bad carbs, sugar and anything processed and not lean) This allows muscles to more easily show through. He doesn’t realize I think he looks amazing already. If he reads this, he won’t believe me. LOL

If any of you are interested in knowing what my meal plan is, contact me and I will email  you. I am pretty excited about it, my brother got me this amazing electric spiralizer that I have been wanting to use. By the way I do all my shopping at Wal-Mart and Aldi, I do not use coupons. I do check the weekly ads for both stores the Wednesday before I go shopping. Then I make my meal plan around the sales….. most of the time.

Stay warm and I will post recipes as I fall in love with them. 🙂


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