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New Year and the continuation of Life….

Hello Everyone! Happy 2018! I hope that your holidays were magical, filled with love and happiness. My family and I had a wonderful and relaxing time at the farm. We enjoyed the time with everyone and the boys of course reveled in all the gifts and attention as all children should. 🙂

20183One of the funniest parts, was my husband’s exuberant childlike excitement for a scooter that our brother-in-law gave him. It’s a 125cc Zuma.2018 It’s bright yellow and my husband loves it.  When they pulled up and the scooter was taking off the back of the truck my hubs was practically vibrating with excitement. At first he had to jump start it to get it to run. The rest of the day was spent bundled up from the cold watching his butt ride that dang thing all over the farm and then he started getting comfortable with it.  He began to “get air.” as he put it. There are these little hills in the hay field that he started to ride over. Then he increased his speed to jump these little jumps and he was so proud of himself. I love that man and his ability to make me smile is uncanny.  He even took the boys on a slow ride and they of course were ecstatic. That is literally the moment when I knew that as a mom and wife I was in trouble.


The next day, he bought a new battery for the scooter and continued to spend the rest of our visit having freezing cold weather, wind blown faces and laugh lines. The hubs was honestly sad when we had to leave the scooter to be brought to us in a month our two. He actually frowned. But we made it home, and thankfully everything was exactly as we had left it, just colder. The first night we didn’t even un-winterize (flush antifreeze through the pipes and turn water back on.) 20182The next couple days were managing the situation and when you live full-time in a RV winter days are all about managing. I’m not sure you ever get ahead. Maybe that is why I look forward to the warmer days so much. even if its 40 degrees outside and sunny, it feels so good. It allows us to get out and play, enjoy the little bit of sun we were blessed with.

20184Now on to my side. Returning to the camper after several days away with a whole LOT more was little stressful for me. We are living in a limited space area, so returning with so much is a challenge. We unloaded the car and my entire camper felt like it was cluttered with boxes on top of boxes. I was overwhelmed but i took a deep breath and jumped in to organizing and unboxing. After 2 hours and okay a few tantrums, the camper looks good, everything has its place and the boys have all their toys. We did have to buy a large tub to place some of the new babies clothes in and will have to buy one more for outside toys, but overall I am happy about it.  Organization makes me happy. 🙂

I have been lazy on this blog and I am sorry. I will do better and have been making notes. More recipes, updates on baby girl, excercises and organization solutions. If you want me to write on anything specific please let me know by emailing me at

findingmommeblog@gmail.com, on Facebook @findingmommeblog or Instagram @findingmommeblog




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