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Getting ready for a road trip….

road2Getting ready for a road trip at any time is time consuming. It takes thought and strategic  planning. When you add kids to the mix, the planning becomes more strategic and more time consuming. I literally have to write a list and get the boys in the mode at least a day before we leave. We make an afternoon of cleaning my car out and deciding on what movies to bring. One of the best purchases we ever made was a portable DVD player for the car. SO many crying fits have been solved. We sometimes rent Redbox movies to break up the constant owned movies they have seen a million times. Even better…. They each have ear phones to wear so Daddy and I don’t have to listen either. Of course, being my kids they do take a break and we all listen/sing to music on the radio. It really makes my heart happy when I hear them sing. Voices of angels….. LOL


So besides making a list of everything I have to remember to bring, I also have to make a list of what bags to get out from the storage areas in order to pack. Living in a camper makes you a more organized person based purely on the principle that you have no space to be wasteful. Everything in the camper has a use if not two. For this Christmas trip we have to bring our clothes bag and also our roof top car rack bag. We will have a lot of new toys for the boys and we have to create room in the car that is not technically in the car. HAHA. We also have several presents going so space is needed for them too. My car is going to look ridiculous, like a clown car. Thankfully the trip is only a few hours and mostly at dark.
road6On top of all that, the boys and I are taking down all the Christmas decorations we put up in the camper since we will not be back until after Christmas. And New Year, New decorations right? The boys did like making decorations though so I will find every opportunity to help them make them. Valentines day, ST. Patrick’s Day and birthdays. Then the baby being here. We are excited and this new year is something to look forward too. Besides the baby, hopefully a miracle with happen and the house will sell and we will have a new house to also get into. 2018 is our families year. Its been 2 years of mediocre.  But 2018 needs to be extraordinary. Break the mold extraordinary. I’m ready to plan birthday parties and have the boys friends over for play dates and just have my own space and yard again.  Don’t get me wrong, We have been blessed to be able to pay out mortgage and live relatively comfortable. Without this experience I wouldn’t have become healthy or motivate my husband to become healthy. I wouldn’t be pregnant with our baby girl or found Jesus again. I also would not be so close with my boys. Every moment was worth it good and bad but I feel ready to move on. We like the town we live in and the people here. We love the school system and the way the boys interact with the faculty.

road4 I have resumed my workout plan and I’m going to admit my hips hurt. I also stretch. I’m currently doing about 20 minutes. I feel better, more flexible and less lazy. My hope is that with all the hip opening exercises, I can speed up labour. That part scares me. It’s always so long and drags on and on and on. Fingers crossed. There are a few months to go.

As always pray for us, and know that I pray for all of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!freepikproject_template




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