Working out Pregnant……

Working out whether you just started, have been doing it awhile or starting over if never fun. That is not what its supposed to be. It starts with discipline and will power and turns into an activity we enjoy, but it’s that period before the enjoyment that people, like myself, struggle with. As a result of becoming pregnant and morning sickness, my working out took a backseat. So I have NOT been doing anything other than focusing on not getting sick to my stomach. Now that I am in my second trimester and I’m getting sick less and less, I decided to try getting back into the swing of things.

preg1     Monday was the day I decided would be a starting point. I had high expectations for the workout, thinking “I am not that out of shape, I am 10 pounds lighter than before getting pregnant. I can do a lot.” Oh, how wrong I was. Previously deciding to do 3 sets of 50 squats and some arm workouts, I felt motivated and ready to feel the burn again in my muscles. That was being optimistic. In a short amount of time, I remembered exactly what it felt like to start over. It’s demoralizing and sad when you start over for the umpteenth time especially when you have come so far. I had to settle for 3 sets of 25 squats and arm workouts. It burned and I was out of breath. It’s embarrassing to admit that such a small amount of activity made me feel like a failure. But I am pregnant and I have been out of the game for close to 3 months. It is amazing to know that such a small amount of time can set you back almost a year of hard work. Now that I know that, I understand why people say “DO NOT QUIT!” Honestly, it’s easier to keep going and become used to the soreness then start over and make yourself used to the soreness all over again.

preg2In reality, thirty minutes isn’t all that long. It seems long because we don’t want to workout but if we get past the mental block and just do it, the satisfaction and long-term results will be priceless. I have to remind myself of that fact everyday and before every workout. Even starting over is hard for me to justify putting myself through the ringer. But thinking of the benefits the baby will receive as well as my healing, i have to remember that it IS worth it. My new goal for this week is 3 sets of 25 squat and arm workouts for at least 5 days. Stretching is also a must because my hips are becoming tight. Gotta start somewhere.

Wish me luck, as long as I can maintain my leg definition I will be happy.


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