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They surprise me….

elfEveryday my children surprise me. Sometimes in a good way and other times in a way that I can only hope to forget. It can be something they say, do or think. Their imaginations are so vivid and larger that it makes me proud to hear the stories they think up, or see what kind of LEGO creations they make. Yesterday was one of those moments when my surprise turned me into an emotional wreck because it was such a wonderful random thing to have happened.

elf1Our Elf, Carl, (that was the brainchild of my husband) wrote the boys a reminder to write their letters to Santa detailing what they would like for Christmas. As expected they both asked for the usual; A remote control dinosaur, character PJ’s, play doh and on and on. The most surprising thing came last. I limited the boys to 4 things each because otherwise they could think of an infinity of things to ask for. They are kids after all. My oldest looked at me with this very serious look and said ” Oh, please write down that I want my own glass cup.” I looked over at him little confused. He has cups of all types. “why a glass cup baby?” He smiles at me and says as if talking to a kid himself (he is my big boy who thinks he is an adult) and says ” I want a coffee cup so I can drink coffee with you mommy.”


Depressed beautiful girl cry       How freaking cute is that? I cried as I am prone to do now a days. But I wrote it down. And you better believe he will be getting a freaking coffee cup of his own to drink coffee (milk or juice) with me in the morning. The youngest got up about a half hour later and immediately wanted to dive into getting his list down. He asked for a Ben 10 watch, Green Lantern costume and character PJs. His last request was equally surprising but Santa won’t be able to accomplish it, I am sorry to say. He asked me very seriously for a New room/New camper because and I quote “Ours is boring.” as much as it made me chuckle it makes me sad that I can’t give him that. Hopefully soon, we will be able to maneuver somethings around and get a new house or rental house but in our current situation we can’t swing it.   The house looks phenomenal after all the work that my parents have put in. They painted and touched up areas that needed it and I couldn’t be more thankful for the help and thought that they put in. I just wish someone would fall in love with it and follow through with the sell of the house. There is nothing wrong with it and I pray the right person comes along and SOON. I really don’t want to have to deal with renting it out and being super pregnant. The stress might actually drive me bonkers, but we will do what we have too so…… Until then we will give it till the new year. A christmas Miracle is in order. If you know someone in South Arkansas looking for an excellent starter home with land, I know a person who would give them a great deal. (Wink, Wink)

elf4Jesus is in control and even though I have to remind myself everyday of that fact. I believe this trial we are going through is to make us better people, parents and christians. I understand that there are people who don’t understand that but its been two long years in the making for me. I am happy, healthy and the boys are happy and likewise healthy. I like Missouri. I enjoy it and hope that we can settle here more permanently soon.  As always prayers are appreciated and if you can share this post on Facebook, Instagram or WordPress.






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