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Getting in the Spirit…..

Getting in the Spirit of Christmas has been a hard thing to do the last two years. Having had an idea of what christmas should be instead of what it is, plagued me and honestly I regret missing the moments. I was focused on what the boys didn’t have, didn’t get, didn’t get to do that I missed the fact that Christmas in and of itself is magic without all the presents and bull that sometimes follows.

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Last year I didn’t decorate for christmas, not even a little bit, except for this ridiculously huge minion blow up yard decoration. The thing was 9 feet tall and because of the wind it was up much but you know the boys LOVED it. This year I made the decision to not worry about it and  went to the dollar store. Bought decorations that cost around $17 and it has turned my being a Scrooge around. xmas1We have a little tree on the table that stands 18 inches high and bought lights to go on it since our oldest informed me that it was naked without it. LOL. I bought garland for the outside trees and bows. Ribbons for the cabinets and little ornaments to adorn the inside tree. I also bought each if the boys a ceramic train to pant and color books with new crayons just for the month of December. I want the memories and I want them to have the memories of mommy being there doing activities with them. I have also began making a list of treats to make each weekend. I know “that’s not very healthy of you Megan.” Well, I’m pregnant (cravings) and its the holiday season. What is christmas without cookies, cake, fudge and candy? Not a very good one thats what. HAHA bring in the pounds baby!

xmas3Our elf on the shelf has also returned since it is December 1. Before I had kids I honestly thought those things were creepy as all get out. After kids? It is a great way to keep the little ones interested in the whole month of December and keeping them in line some what. It’s also fun for me to come up with various ways of hiding that little creeper. The boys love getting up to a game of hide and seek. They are only little for a short time. I want to keep them that way for as long as I can. 🙂 It also doesn’t hurt that I started feeling the baby kick and my energy and appetite have come back. Makes me feel good and happy. Christmas is meant to celebrate family, life and God for giving it all to us through the birth of his wonderful son Jesus Christ. I make sure to remind the boys of that fact and plan to read the christmas story to them a couple of times a week. It’s as magical a story as the magic it brings to my heart and hopefully theirs one day.

xmas6So my wish is I hope you all enjoy the day whether it is good, bad, beautiful or gloomy. It’s the christmas season and the last month of 2017. Make it about memories not things. Cause in the end that’s all we have.



One thought on “Getting in the Spirit…..

  1. Another winner, babe. You fill my heart with joy. You are a wonderful mother and granddaugther. Love you and all your family.


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