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Random acts of Kindness!

Do you ever have something happen randomly and think “that was a wonderful coincidence?” I love those moments. They always seem to make the best memories and make you question rational thought. One of these moment happened the other day as we were walking into Aldi’s. Below is the story…….

santa3We pull up and park, same as we do any other day. The boys are all talk as they wait for the door to be opened. As I step out of the drivers side door, there is this man there waiting. He was friendly looking, older gentleman, waiting with a cart as if he had been waiting for us. I smiled and said “I’ll take it.” Handing him a quarter (the cost of a cart usage) I grab the cart and turn toward the boys when the stranger says ” lots of good deals in there.” Again I turn toward him and smile and comment about how that makes me happy. He proceeds with “they have black tea on sale of 99 cents.” He then turns toward his big red truck and says something about “I’ll show you the brand.” Being a cautious person but also understanding that some people enjoy small talk. I look at my husband who shrugs and takes the boys. I walk a couple steps toward the red truck but keep enough distance that if he lunged for me I could dodge or manuver, anything. (I told you cautious and paranoid. There are a lot of crazies in this world.) santaAnyway, he shows me this bottle of tea that the hubs and I have actually tried and I told him it was good. He smiled back at me and said he had thought it looked good. I told him to have a good day! and turned to leave.  Thats when magic happened. The stranger saw the boys and asked them “Have you been good little boys for mom and dad?” the boys looked confused but shook their little heads yes. He smiled again and waved. We again turned to leave and in a big booming voice the stranger said “HO, HO, HO!” just like freaking Santa Clause. Both boys mouthes dropped open in amazement as we continued into the store. Once in the store it dawned on me, this man, this stranger had made the boys day. He was jolly, big white beard, rounded belly and drove a big red delivery type truck.

Example of the truck he drove

The boys proceeded to ask me why Santa was at the grocery store. To which I replied “elves have to eat too.” Blew there mind at how much sense that made to them. They have asked me several times since, if Santa just came to the store to see them.

Things like this are what restore your faith in humanity or at least lets you know that there are still individuals out there that keep magic alive. Too much in this world is meant to bring you down. This simple act put a smile those boys face.  To the stranger that made my boys day, Thank you. Such a simple gesture, but it will make a lasting memory for them.


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