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It’s a Girl!

Never in my life, have I ever imagined that I would have a daughter. Just need entered my brain but here I am…… carrying a daughter and I could NOT be more excited or terrified. What am I, a tomboy, mother of boys, going to do with a girl? the thought is daunting. But as much as the prospect presents a bit of anxiety for this momma, it also provides an opportunity for me to delve deeper into learning about myself.

Girl2 I have no sisters, only a handful of girl friends, and no close girl cousins in which I grew up with. I like makeup but for the most part go without most days. I prefer to go hunting, play outdoors and I love boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up but the occasion is usually rare and becomes awkward after a few hours. Growing up, I prayed for sons and thankfully that is what I was blessed with. This new baby though as much as I secretly wanted a girl, honestly thought the doctor would come back and say that it would be a boy. I had already accepted it. But when I got that call Monday, my stomach became knots.


Example of the abnormalities tested.

Last Thursday, I went to lab and had the Q-natal blood test done. If you don’t know what that is, then you are not alone. It is a blood test that uses the mother’s blood to determine if the baby is carrying any genetic disorders and it also isolates the babies DNA from the mothers to determine gender. An expectant mother can take the test at 11 weeks or later.  The needle used to the test must have been bigger than the usual blood test needle cause my arm hurt after the test and bruised along the vein. Even today (5 days later) my arm is bruised but thankfully doesn’t hurt anymore. Girl3 It was a nerve-wracking weekend to be sure. My husband kept asking what I thought the baby was. Firstly, I have been up front with the fact that this baby is different. All babies and pregnancies are different but this one was way different. I’m not showing as I did with both boys, morning sickness isn’t as bad but headaches are more and fatigue has been an issue. I’m also fairly certain, the baby is situated in the back of my uterus. But I didn’t have an idea of what the baby was until the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and I got this feeling that it might just be a little girl. Well this weekend I got a cold that was mostly in my lungs, so i spent a lot of time being a sloth at the mother-in-laws house. We drove back Monday and while we were getting the camper put back to rights, i received a call from the doctor’s office. Being surprised was an understatement as I didn’t expect results back till the end of the week.


Me, when I cry!

So, in the middle of making our bed, I heard the nurse say that the test came back negative for genetic abnormalities (thank GOD) and that they did know that gender of the baby if we wanted to know. Then the line went blank a min where I lost my mind thinking “what the hell?” The signal came back and I said “yes, we would like to know.” that’s when the nurse informed my that we were going to have a little girl. I lost it. Balled my eyes out, in excitement mind you. And the nurse giggled, said her good-byes and hung up. My husband not sitting 5 feet away looks at my losing it and says “well, what is it?” I replied with “What do you think it is?” He guessed right and hugged me then we called the boys in and told them. Seeing two little boys be so excited about having a sister was and is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. They will be excellent big brothers and this little girl will be absolutely blessed with the male members of her family.

girl4 As Always I will take all the prayers we can get. Our house has still not sold. Interest is there but potential buyers as unable to get a loan. They all want to owner-finance, which we can not do, Rent to own or rent. None of those options are viable and I’m at a total loss as what to do about it.


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