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First Birthday party invite….

A few weeks ago my Bubbers received an exciting orange envelope in his school cubby. The kid could barely contain his excitement when I picked him up. He jumped up and down, ran down he hall and when we got to the car he leapt in the back seat and tore into his backpack. While I buckled his brother into the buster seat, he proceeded to tear open this orange envelope and threw the contents at me with a hasty “what does it say?” I took the black card decorated by a friendly ghost and buckled Bubbers up before I read it. Very dramatic and slow (To mess with him LOL) I read that it was an invitation from a girl in his class. She was turning 5 and wanted to invite him to her party in order to celebrate. After hearing, he got the cutest most joyful smile and asked if he could go. I checked my phone and didn’t find a problem with the date and time so I informed him that as long as he was good for the next 2 weeks I would take him.

party3Let me tell you it was a LONG two weeks……… Lots of questions about “is it time for the party?” “How long till the party?” “Can we go now?” I started to believe I was in the Bill Murray movie Groundhog’s Day.

Then the day finally came where he could go to the party all he had to do was wait until 4PM and he could go to this party. It happened on Friday and for this momma, I now understand why parents of 4-5 year olds DON’T have more parties for them. I made sure he looked his best, had his gift ready (which I drew on a plain sack instead of getting an expensive card.) I also made sure to make myself presentable because I never want to embarrass my kids. Also sometimes its good to feel like you got your shit together (even though we all know, that is never the case.) So we loaded up and drove to the library. In the town we live in, the public library has a room (kitchen and bathroom included) that the public can rent for events. (I thought that was neat.)

party2The invitation said 4-6. So we showed up at 4 and were met with the realization that we were the only ones there besides birthday girl and that we were also the only ones from school to RSVP or even bothered to show up. Now for me, I believe that it is only courteous to give the invitee a heads up whether you are going to attend or not. That is the whole purpose of an RSVP. Anyway, so as the time passed more family of the girl showed up and the kids ran around at high volume as I sat in a sea of people I didn’t know.

party4I tried to talk to them, introduced myself. Other than “oh, Hi I’m so in so.” I sat there for nearly two hours in silence feeling like an awkward creeper. All the while watching my son run around and have a blast. I am grateful and glad I went with him. It wasn’t fun for me but it wasn’t about me. And let’s be honest, I’m awkward in my own home haha.




party1After cake and presents, I had, had enough and we left. my nerves were on end from all the yelling and screaming and I had amassed a massive headache that threatened to turn into a migraine any second. I needed to lie down. So as we drove home, I asked my Bubbers if he had fun. His response? “Oh, Yeah, it was so much fun, did you see me run faster that all the kids? That ice cream cake was awesome, did you try it?” and on and on. At that moment I knew that I would take him to any number of awkward loud and annoying parties he got invited too. We parents really do, do anything for our children……ANYTHING! party6


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