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Fall is creeping in……..

fallIt’s that time of year again, my favorite time of year, FALL! Though it has only one foot in the door, it is creeping in more and more. The last couple days have been the first real emergence but today it will fade a little as if trying to be discreet. It’s okay, I know it can hide long and once it is here it won’t last long. It never does. Probably why it’s my favorite. You always want what you can’t have right? Fall, is something that doesn’t last long, unfortunately. While it is here though, it’s a wonder to behold. The cool temperatures, the colors, the smells and the activities. I’m pretty sure its one of those seasons everyone likes cause its an in-between season, like spring. A prelude to the longer season in front of it.

fall3I remember from when I was a kid, in elementary school in Michigan, Fall always began when they would take us on a school field trip to the local apple cider mill. It is one of my fondest memories, still is. I wish I could go with my kids and see the wonder on their face when they had their first bite of apple cider donuts. or the pride, when they made their first bees-wax candle.fall4 I so enjoyed those trips and miss the smell as well. Since then I have been too many places but never one like the town I grew up in. It was a picturesque town at least in my head.

The town I currently live in has a lot of similarities in that the town is very school and kid oriented and they provide family activities regularly. Like tonight for instance, the schools are putting on a Farm night. It consists of hay rides, and pumpkin patches. From what I gather it is like a harvest festival, for the children and family. It’s an hour-long and we are taking the boys after soccer practice tonight. My hope is that it will be a happy and exciting experience the boys enjoy. Fingers crossed.

On that note, soccer is almost over and I’m not quite sure what we will do to supplement the loss activity for my very energetic boys. My energy is thankful beginning to come back but I lack motivation to actually do anything. That is a me issue and I’m working on it. I admittedly have not been doing a good job on the excercise front but the eating front has been pretty portion control correct. In fact, since my baby appointment 3 weeks ago, I have lost weight. Not unhealthy, about 3 pounds. I’m back under 200 and for the health of this baby and my body it’s probably I good thing I keep myself at a healthy weight. Remember my doctor told me I was OBESE so to remain healthy I need to keep my portions under control and my excercise at least to 3-4 times a week.fall2 Which I have been. But it’s been an adjustment, I was used to being motivated to work out 5-6 days week and now its been a struggle to GET motivated for a light work out 3-4 times.  As long as I force myself, I will at least maintain the muscle I have. I just honestly want to be healthy and strong enough to get through labor and/or make it faster.  The last two kids were very long labors and if I can cut those in half I would be happy.  I mean Jeez, our first was 25 hours, only minutes from having to get a C-section. The second was 18 hours. Apparently it takes my body awhile to get from 3-6 centimeters then speeds up. Honestly I would love to go i there at a 4 and it be over in half a day. Aww. A dream.

Thats a long way off and all I have is time. So there are plenty of days to continue preparation. Happy Fall and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!




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