Being a Mommy

Trying my patience…..

This past weekend was a beautiful and love entangled affair. We drove to Arkansas to help celebrating the marriage and union on two of our favorite people (Q and S). We have been there throughout their entire relationship and were tickled pink when they called and told the hubs and I they were engaged. I can NOT think of a more deserving or loving couple. They trust in the Lord and Follow his direction.

trying1The bride was absolutely gorgeous (as if she would be anything else..) The boys were in the wedding as sign holders and it was adorable. The hub was a groomsman and as usual he is so freaking attractive I feel lucky to be his wife. (He makes me sick 😉 ) The groom was so sweet and was enamored at the sight of his bride. Everything seemed so perfect and came together so well that I hope it is a reflection of the years to come.

The only time that truly tried my patience is after the boys duty as sign holders ended and they came to sit with my in the front row to await the ceremony. Immediately our oldest started acting up and fussing. In his defense, it was warm, he was in jeans and a long button up, so I am sure he was hot. I tried fanning him with the program but his attitude declined rapidly and when I told him to wait a few minutes, he began to amp up his screaming. (This is in the front row, as the couple was saying there vows.) I’m sure my face had every feeling that I was having flashing like a neon sign. Thankfully, my brother-in-law grabbed the butt and took him away and calmed him down. I am very grateful. But our oldest didn’t stop there. When the ceremony was over, my parents and I took the boys up to the reception for drinks and food. Bubbers ran (RAN) over to the drink table and almost spilled the drink containers.trying2 My anxiety ramps up and I tell him to chill. He then say “yes, mommy.” I turn my head for a second (that’s how all stories start) and I find him over by the cake and cupcakes and he was licking his fingers. My anxiety reaches critical levels and I walk him over to a table and sit him down and ask my parents to watch him so I can leave a min. I go to the bathroom and I cry. All day he had been acting his worse and I couldn’t take it anymore. The straw that broke the camels back. I spent probably 10 minutes in the bathroom, composing myself . My husband met me in the hall outside the bathroom and hugged me. Asked me what was wrong and I told him and he said “Okay, I’ll handle him from now on. Can I get you something to eat?” See he is too perfect.  The rest of the day was just fine. Bubbers was much better and he ended up going back to my parents for a nap while the hubs and I helped clean up the rehearsal and wedding.

We can clean up well when we want!

At the end of the day, its okay to get frustrated with your children and take a breather. I sometimes need to get a few minutes of quiet away from the frustration of back taking little boys. 🙂 No one should ever make you as a mom feel guilty for needing a break. Its only human.  To the happy couple, I want to thank you for having us be a part of your special day and We wish you both a Lifetime of happiness. We love you Q and S!


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