Being a Mommy

Burnt toast and Chai tea…….

toast3   So the morning sickness is getting worse. Not in the vomiting/can’t keep anything down department, but in the food aversion and nausea department. It started with me waking up in the middle of the night and now has progressed to random times throughout the day. Thankfully the fatigue is starting to pass a little so I do feel like I can take a walk again or put in a quick workout and not feel down and out for the rest of the day.

toast2   This morning however, I woke up at 3 AM and felt awful. My hips and lower back hurt, my stomach cramped in a “I’m hungry” kinda way. So I sat on the couch and drank some water and choked down a 1/2 an apple. By the way, T.V. at 3 AM is awful. Why isn’t there some sort of pregnancy channel where they play romantic comedies all day and all night long for all us pregnant mammas who have insomnia? I feel like that is a million dollar idea, that if I knew the right people could really take off.  I went back to sleep around 4:30 AM where I slept like the dead. Drool on my pillow sleep. LOL  Then the boys bombarded my bed and woke me up on a shock. It was almost like it they shocked my nausea out of its hole and I literally had to jump out of bed. I made it to the bathroom before I started gagging. Thankfully it was just that, Gagging.

toast1So now I am sitting here writing this all out, eating burnt toast and drinking spiced chai tea in the hopes it coaxed the nausea away from the edge. It seems to be helping. and hopefully in the next hour it helps enough that I can work out before getting ready to bring Bubbers to school. This pregnancy is so different from my other two that I really wonder what I am carrying. The boys want a sister. And honestly, the hubs and I just want a healthy and happy baby. If it happens to be a girl then that is an adventure I never thought I would take and if it’s a boy then I just added to our sports team by one. Boys are wonderful, loving, challenging and rough. I love it and much as I get annoyed, God has blessed me with what I need.

toast4     The new baby will no doubt challenge me and make me as proud of the boys have. I welcome it, but maybe with a little less nausea would be good.


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