Being a Mommy

Extra whiny……

So for several weeks now, Besides the drama that has surrounded our situation and the house, The boys have been absolutely whinny. I’m guessing here, but it started around the time we told them about the baby. Now all my reading and research has told me that children, especially spoiled children, tend to get clingy and whinny once another baby is on the way. It’s either psychological or chemical because it tends to happen a lot apparently. Well I can say that it is annoying and the more days it goes on the more it makes me dread the long months ahead. I do think it will stop soon though, when they can feel the baby kick or see the ultrasound picture and better understand what is going on.

whiny1Our youngest has been doing mommy school, but here lately the only thing he wants to do is sit on my lap and cuddle. I’m NOT going to say no. I enjoy the down time and the cuddles. I also figure that he deserves it cause for a while after the baby is born I will be consumed with baby duties. It is when he boys are together that the whinny becomes unbearable. “He touched me” “He kicked me” “he called me a baby” “he spit on the ground next to me and it almost touched my foot” Seriously this is what I have to deal with and on my good days I find it humorous. My bad days not so much. In fact the oldest has gotten in the habit of telling his daddy when I’m mad and going about muttering non-sense “She’s about to snap.” The first time he did it, I was going off on my youngest because he lost his shoes and couldn’t find them. Of course his idea of looking is standing in the middle of the room spinning in circles with arms outstretched saying “I can’t find it.” After about 5 minutes of that I lost patience and began going through the room like a whirlwind, which is when my oldest whispered to his daddy. At the time I heard him and became angry but my husband lost his mind and began laughing so hard I feared he would fall of our little couch. I had to smile cause he had come up with a pretty funny rhetoric. And he knew it because he has sense repeated his sentiment EVERY time I get upset. whiny4 Especially now that I’m starting to feel little crappy, my patience for shenanigans is very little. My little one growing has made it so that the majority of my morning sickness actually happens in the middle of the night. I become so nauseous that it wakes me from a dead sleep. It’s always around 2-3 AM and keeps me up for a could hours. So I’m not getting much sleep but plenty of quiet time. I should probably start work on my second book again since I have the time. That’s something to look forward too.

whiny3School for the oldest has also been good though he has started these little tantrum things with his teachers that we are trying to squash. He knows better for one and for another its embarrassing. He was testing at first but stopped for a bit. Now though he has begun them again and the teacher says all she has to do is look at him and he stops. The fact that he begins at all makes me wonder about his brain function. He will straighten up and be fine. He enjoys school which is what makes me happy and when he walks in all the kids say his name and tell him Hi. He gets the biggest smile on his face.  It’s so sweet. But his tantrums with the teachers and the whining with me…… is going to make me crazy. Can I tape his mouth shut? Or him and his brother together? LOL

For real though, They make me happier than anything else in this world except the Hubs. All of them combined make for a day I can’t live without smiling at least once.



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