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Praying, Hoping, Wishing and Dreaming…..

It has been a long 2 months. It started well with a signed offer on the house, an approaching closing date and the prospect of FINALLY moving on. Then it ended on a low note at the beginning of the week. The offer was pulled, the sale fell through and we are back at square one. All this occurred 10 minutes before my baby appointment. So of course my blood pressure was high. Even though its been disappointing, I can not say that I am all that surprised. The closing date of September 15, came and went without a rescheduling and the only excuse was paperwork mix up. Another week went by and still nothing but “We are getting close…” thats a crap excuse and one that for me sent off warning bells, but I tried to remain positive until the call on Monday.  So the house went back up for sale and so far there has been plenty of interest (Thank GOD) and we have three showings scheduled. Prayers are appreciated.

trial1The baby appointment went well, though stressful due to the house information and the fact that I had two little boys there who for some reason decided to act unhinged that day. Thankfully, my wonderful husband showed up and took them to another room, so they could be spared the pelvic exam. Everything is healthy and moving nicely. I am somewhere between 6-10 weeks along and we will find out for sure on Oct. 27 when I have my ultrasound. One thing that made me happy then irritated me completely is my weight. Last year when I went in for a yearly pap smear, I weighed 238 and I remember it made me cry to leave that office knowing I allowed myself to become so large. But this year, they weighed me and I was 201. That is a 37 pound difference. I have lost 37 pounds and gained muscle and even now it scares me because I want to keep being healthy. Even though this information made me rejoice in my progress, the doctor came in and proceeded to tell me how I am an OBESE pregnant women and that I need to take precautions. He never once mentioned the weight loss, the decrease in cholesterol  levels or blood pressure regulations.trial2 He was so focused on that number of pounds that he made me feel awful about all the work I have put in busting my ass to be that number. It pissed me off. Still does when I think about it. And I asked him, if I could continue lifting weights (light weights) and he said he doesn’t recommend pregnant women start a weight lifting routine while pregnant. That jerk didn’t hear a word I said about losing weight, working out or eating better for the last year. Didn’t hear that I had a weight lifting and exercise routine in place before I was pregnant. And against his advice I will continue my workouts at a slower pace, but continue all the same. I have never really dealt with fat shaming until my own doctor, who I just met on Monday for the purpose of having the baby, shamed me. Sad thing is….. I doubt he saw anything wrong with it in the least. And after having a few days to calm down and think about it, I am going to prove him and anyone else that you can workout, eat well and take care of yourself as well as the growing baby inside. Excercise makes me feel good. Period.

trial3 For my own piece of mind, I sent a request to my regular workout program, FREELETICS, and notified them that I was pregnant. They were wonderful and congratulatory. They gave me 6 months free to be used after I have the baby and am cleared to workout again. I really appreciated that and will DEFINITELY use them again. So I had to make some decisions about what my new workouts would be that would challenge me physically but be safe for the baby as well. I searched Youtube and found body weight circuit training workouts that do just that. On top of that I have also been doing 20 minute Yoga sessions so that I can remain flexible and hopefully keep my hips from getting tight like the last two pregnancies. So from now on I will be posting recipes more often and progress pictures of my bump. Which is the opposite of what I wished for my tummy but its for a wonderful reason so I will be excited.

trial5These are the issues that I spoke about on my Facebook page, @findingmommeblogIt’s been a trying time to say the least. We got excited and disappointed, it was a hard let down. But life is unpredictable and God has a plan. We were giving a miracle in the sweet blessing growing in my womb and instead of focusing on what we don’t have, I chose to focus on what we do have. We have each other, We have warm beds and food in our refrigerator. We have cars and family and happy healthy little boys. We have a strong loving marriage and the ability to adapt to our surroundings. We have much more than we don’t and I have to stay positive and seek God more in my day to day life. He is the will, the way and the life.





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