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5 Best Grocery Rebate Apps

For the last several months, I have been personally trying out several different grocery rebate apps in order to see which is worth my time and which one is a waste of it. I love to save money and get “deals.” What woman doesn’t?  Since we have been in the camper, we have been developing money saving tricks to make our lives better as a whole and besides coupons, I thought “what could it hurt to try the rebate apps? All the apps are free to download and I didn’t have to put in a bunch of personal information.

groceryIbotta- This is by far the best grocery rebate app around. It overs the most rebates for the most stores, rebates for online and app shopping and also for über rides. Its format is easy to use and navigate and they give incentives to both the member and the one referring. It also gives a choice are to how you want your rebate distributed once you have reached the mandatory $20 limit. It can be deposited to a Pay-Pal, saved or used to purchase gift cards or items from the list provided.  If you happen to sign up use my referral code and we both get rewarded. dhbqvel is the code. When signing up they will ask if you have a code and now you do!

grocery2Receipt Hog- This app is a fun one that is used mainly for market research and its more of a game of chance than a rebate app. It allows you to scan any receipt from anywhere, store, fast food, or gas. It then gives you spills on its slot machine to win coins that go toward the purchase of magazine subscriptions or Pay-Pal. But their point/ coin system is inflated. It takes 1000 coins to equal $5. Each receipt gives you some coins and you can earn more but using the spins given on the slot machine to win more. They also have monthly drawings that you are entered in every time you upload a receipt. They say some one wins 5000 coins every month. It’s a fun time waster and every little bit helps.

grocery1Checkout 51- This is similar to Ibotta except that it only allows receipts from the suggested stores. so if you don’t go to the store listed then you are out of luck. They offer about the same rebates, so if you are lucky and shop at a store that both apps use, then you can really double up on the savings. The rewards program offers gift cards and checks after you reach the minimum amount. So it may take some time but if you make it a habit to check the rates available and make your grocery lost around those rebates then you make the most of your app.

gracery3SavingStar- This one I couldn’t really use due to the area I am in and the stores available. I would be able to better evaluate this app if I lived in a more populated area such as a metropolitan area. The choices in my town, though good, are limited. And the rebates are few and far between. This app offers rebates for name brand products in multiple quantities. and they are good rebates and probably can be doubled up for even more savings when using more than one app.

gracery4BerryCart- This app I had to the most excitement about only to be disappointed immensely. It was created as a way to organize and receive rebates on all things healthy. It separated organic and healthy food rebates for easier discovery. I was super excited about this as it is mostly what we eat. But, the rebates are very few and the choices are extremely limited. The stores are also limited. i believe if I lived near an area that had Whole Foods or stores along those lines I would be singing a different tune but as I have said before I live in a rural area.

All these apps have their good qualities and bad qualities. Ibotta is by far the best and easiest of all the apps. All then require you to go through the rebates and save them before uploading a receipt and redeeming the offers. This is paramount to your success with these apps. It doesn’t take much time and once you see a rebate that suits you and your needs simply star it, heart it, add it or cart it. Then once you have made your purchases, you upload your receipt and redeem the offers. It can be instantaneous or take a few days to verify legitimate receipts. But once approved the rebates will show on your account. After you have reached the minimum amounts, you can make the decision to so with it as you please. Happy shopping and I hope this can help you. Every little bit helps.grocery 5



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