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Being Injured or Sick in a Small Place

Being sick, injured or out of commission at any length, in any amount of space is awful and something no one looks forward to. Thankfully for my family we have only been sick a handful of times.  This weekend wasn’t for sickness but for injury. My husband fell victim to the injury bug and had to be down for several days in order to get better. There are several things, though limited to help make the down time comfortable and go by quickly. As the months added up, we have added to, corrected and fine tuned our tips. In the months to come, I am sure that we will continue to add to that list and I will be sure to update on this post.

small space2My husbands injury was one to his ankle where he was unable to weight bear. So he either hopped around or used a crutch. Thankfully for him, it wasn’t broken, just very badly sprained and the camper is a small space, so he didn’t have to travel, hop or crutch himself very far to use the bathroom or lay in bed. It is very very boring to sit in the camper or small space for hours or even days with nothing to do but watch tv or the walls close in on you. The hubs thinks it is funny to liken it to solitary confinement but what he doesn’t realize is that, that is exactly what it has felt like for me in the last 19 months. So, for the hubs we placed our couch into a bed, we got all the pillows in the camper placed them around and under the ankle and we settled him in for the long haul.

small space1It took 2 days, 48 hours for him to lose patience and temperament to decline rapidly. See everyone thinks that they can sit for hours and hours and hours and do nothing but watch T.V, In reality though, a human being is incapable of such things. That’s what solitary confinement in prison is a punishment. It teaches discipline and patience to the person suffering in silence. I’m pretty sure that’s where that saying came from.

After the stillness gets to you, a person, my husband, even myself begin to look for anything or any reason to get up and do something. Walk around, push ups, cooking, playing, wrestling or arguing. The energy has built to a point that it EXPLODES out and effects everyone around. I have gotten used to it, to a point. I can handle it a lot longer than my hubs but I have been conditioned to it. I know how to channel it into productivity. I write this blog, my books, or my freelance work. I draw, anything. I also enjoy cooking/baking and playing games with the boys. In a house it is not noticed as much because there is a larger space and the walls don’t feel like they are closing in around you as fast as they do in a small cramped space. People adapt, we evolve and we make the best of our situations. We take the surroundings around us and we make it fit our lifestyles.

small spaceBeing sick in a small space is a little more difficult to deal with because if no other occupant in the space in sick, you want to separate and quarantine the sick. My hubs again, poor thing, last year caught that virus that mimicked the flu. We, the boys and I, did not. The hubs had to stay in our small bedroom with the door closed. The boys could NOT go in there. I made sure to follow him in an out of the bathroom, wiping and spraying any and all surfaces he touched. Can you imagine what it would have been like if the boys and I got sick like that all at once? Awful. Horrifying. Nightmare.

Even though I know he hated being alone, in a small room for several days, he didn’t freak out too much. It is not easy but he did it for us.

So in summary when you are sick or injured in a small space;

  • Comfort is key. Make the space comfortable and welcome
  • Accessibility is a must. Make sure that the needs of the person are accessible from all direction. NO road blocks to the bathroom or to the food cabinet.
  • Clorox Bleach wipes are your best friend. When you are sick, in order not to contaminate or infect others, wipe up after yourself.
  • Entertainment is needed to keep your mind working. Make sure that your mind is occupied with something time-consuming such as, Reading, writing, drawing, coloring, music, T.V. ,video games or good company if it is appropriate.

These are things we have learned and most of it is common sense. But it’s not something you would think about if you were not in the situation. Hopefully this time next year, we will have a house and won’t have to worry about a small space and how to deal. My hope is that these tips help you if and when the times arises. Good Luck!



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