Shin Splints are the Devil!

Stepping it up in the cardio department has been going farely well and then Satan’s hot tongue sneaks up and licks me right in the shins. As a beginning runner, this is a big thing because it derails my progress and times, due to the amount of pain it causes. And its my own fault. I’m not sure how or when but my running style has changed. My foot falls have become heavy, my strides have become short and flat, and lastly my breathing is off. All things I need to work on further and its completely confusing as to how to fix it or why its a new problem.

shinA shin splint is a common issue for beginning runners and seasoned athletes alike. It can range for acute pain to severe along the shin bone, usually from overworked muscles, especially when running on hard surfaces.  Here at the park, I run on gravel and asphalt depending on the day and how long the run for the day is, so you see the conditions are only building. The pain for me got so bad this week, I honestly thought I may have had a stress fracture in my right shin. I finished a mile and when down, I could barely put pressure on my leg and as the day went on it got worse. Crying was pretty constant and I hate crying. I hate having a reason to cry. Honestly wasn’t sure if I could drive the 6 miles to drop Bubbers off at school. So after I took a shower and sucked it up, I sat on the couch with ice packs, frozen veggies and anything else that was frozen laid across my shins and just sat there until everything became warm. It helped enough to get up and walk a little. The whole time I kept thinking “I failed and I barely began,” “Why me?,” “What is wrong with me?” All the questions and the feeling of failure made me think of truly quitting for the first time in 28 weeks. But as usual, I went about my day and by the end, I walked around the park, slowly, in order to work out the soreness and lactic acid that builds up in stationery muscles. Besides my heavy running stance, I bought a new pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago. From a New Balance to an under armor. While I love both shoes, I am beginning to understand the saying “Not all shoes are for running.” Besides the obviousness of that statement, not all shoes are made the same.

shin1As children, we don’t know that. Hell, as an adult I just found this out. It is kinda ridiculous when you think about that, that each pair of athletic/ tennis shoes has a different purpose. And they are all so expensive. I need to write more to be able to afford them, and the pretty shoes of course, but priorities. I can’t go around the campground wearing heels. I would look silly.  Back to the shoes. This has been kind of an argument at our house between the hubs and I. He doesn’t think it matters and I on the other hand do. The New balances are lighter, allow my feet to be natural and even when I am walking they are comfortable. The Under amours are heavier, tighter and well comfortable only while I am doing HIIT workouts. They work great when I transition from jumping jacks to stretching to knee highs and burps. They are great ‘Cross Trainers’ because they are made to cross train. or go from exercise to exercise but as running shoes? Not so much.

shin3Hopefully after a few more days of rest and switching shoes back out, I can work through this hard, sore period and continue gaining miles. Pray for me and my shins. Don’t forget to follow my progress and many adventures on Facebook at @findingmommeblog or on Instagram at @findingmomeblog.  Lots of silly pictures, motivation and food posts.




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