Being a Mommy

Last weekend with a Toddler

This is the last weekend we will ever have with our toddlers. Monday starts a new chapter and we will have a big boy starting preschool. So to me, that makes them little boys and no longer toddlers.  As of right now, today, this morning I can NOT wait. I can not wait for the little break it will give both him and I. We need it. He will love the opportunity to meet and make friends. Even though I feel like this today, in a couple hours I am sure I won’t. I will be sad and upset and longing for the little baby I brought home from the hospital all those years ago.

summer cold1We brought them to the Missouri State fair yesterday, and it was much better weather then last year. It was cloudy, cool and the humidity was low. Walking around was great because we were not sweating our butts off.

summer cold 2We walked around and got to see all the animals, booths, prize vegetables and fruits and anything else that struck the boys fancy. Other course it wouldn’t be an adventure without the usual and expected hour of griping. After the attitude readjustment everything went uneventfully. I enjoyed it. What made it better?…. Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch/dinner. I have to be in the mood for it but it was awesome and I had been craving it. Boys did well and ate chicken strips and fries then proceeded in passing out on the way back to the camper.
SummerCold       Another thing that has happened recently is the boys and now I have somehow gotten a summer colds. Its bull crap and I do NOT like it. I can’t sleep, talk and even think my head is so full of crude. It is getting better and the boys are almost completely better which is what matters. Hopefully I will be much much better in a couple days cause no one likes being sick and especially this mommy.


Today I hope to go for a walk and not be abused by the heat and humidity that seems to be coming back to Missouri. Its a shame really, the cool fall-like weather was so welcome and appreciated that I now HATE the heat, even though it is only Aug. See I LOVE the fall and cool weather. I’m not as big a fan of the summer as I am of the fall and winter. I know I am one of the few that prefers the latter but its magical to me . Those two seasons hold the most wonderful memories for me and the holidays, smells an taste just seem to magnify the feeling.




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