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BulletProof Coffee

So have you heard about BulletProof Coffee? I have been seeing it over and over again through out my research on new healthy recipes, Recipes that help decrease body fat and macro friendly recipes. It shows up all the time and I honestly threw it out because well it didn’t sound good or healthy. But hear me out, I have actually gave it a shot this morning and

  • 1.) It doesn’t taste as bad as you might think
  • 2.) There is a lot of opinions behind it, I wanted to add my own.

bulletproof1 Let me start off by telling you what Bulletproof Coffee is. Bulletproof coffee is coffee with 2 tablespoons of butter in it and a tablespoon of MCT oil (medium chained Triglycerides) The catch is it has to be Grass fed butter and the oil MCT. The oil is to help improve cognitive function. Some studies have been shown the MCT oil can help people with Alzheimers, dementia and diabetes sometimes. The butter helps your body burn fat more efficently and effectively. (I’m unconvinced of that claim)  There are many different variations but simply its butter in black coffee. A substitute for creamers or milk. There is a website ( dedicated just to Bullet proof coffee and how to make it, they even sell kits. Of course they are just trying to make a buck so view with caution.

What does it taste like?

Well,  it’s not bad. I thought as I melted the butter and poured it in that it would be a weird greasy butter mess but honestly I can’t really taste it. It makes my black coffee creamier and looks like an oil slick is in my cup but the taste hasn’t really changed. I only put a tablespoon of melted butter in so maybe if I had put in the recommended 2 Tablespoons it would make a difference. I also use Flavor drops by MYProtein. Chocolate and toffee, no sugar or calories. They use stevia or natural flavors depending on what flavor you chose. Anyway, my coffee was pretty great as usual and honestly I do feel more awake and in less time than usual. Could just be a placebo effect or a good nights sleep. More time will tell.

bulletproof4Opinion of BulletProof coffee.
For me it makes sense because it adds in the fat I need in my diet since I do a low carb High protein diet. And no matter what people say you need fat and carbs in your diet. Just GOOD fats and GOOD carbs. Bulletproof coffee and its inventor say that following he bulletproof diet (recommends you devote 60-70% of daily macros to fat) will help you lose weight fat. I don’t believe this and I don’t follow this. But I did want to try the coffee. why not? I did not add the oil that the website and its creator advised. The claim that it will elevate hunger pangs is a bold-faced lie. I don’t believe in skipping meals and don’t want to encourage anyone to substitute real food for a drink. (Even though I do like smoothies. LOL) Coffee, even one with butter is not a meal replacement and the hunger pangs do not go away when you drink it. In fact, I’m a little queasy with just coffee and butter on my stomach. So after I’m done writing this I will be eating something. Probably eggs, (remember I follow a high protein menu.)


bulletproof2Would I have this Everyday?

That is probably going to be a NO. Sometimes sure, I don’t see anything wrong with it but I have never been a huge follower and I can’t see anything extraordinary about this fad that would make me pledge allegiance to it. It’s good, it helped me wake up a little faster than usual (Placebo effect, actually worked or coincidence?) It calls for further testing. And I may keep doing it for the next couple days just to see. I will make sure to post an update with results. There are many places that swear by it and many places that debunk it, and honestly everyone is different so what might work for one might not work for another.  With that in mind, Would I try it? Yes, whats the harm in trying? Just don’t believe that its a miracle cure. Healthy happy lifestyles take time, energy and a ton of work.  Stay positive and stay in perspective. You got this, and maybe Bulletproof Coffee can help.






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