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The hits keep on coming!

I swear, whenever something good comes along, something bad also happens. You know check and balances, Good and bad, Ying and Yang. It is dumb. We have a real chance of selling our house in the next few months and being excited about that we failed to anticipate what could go wrong now that, that area is starting to wind down.

We got back to our camper on Saturday afternoon and it is wonderful. In the last few months we have or I have really began to understand, accept and appreciate the simplicity of living with minimal things and in a camper. (I know 18 months and I just NOW feel contentment. Funny how that works.)  We got an offer and accepted it so once again its hurry up and then wait. The motto of my life. HAHA But in the meantime, the we got back and everything was fine until around 3 am on Sunday morning.

plugWe are sleeping like babe and the power surged, shutting off all power then within second it came back on. A lot like when the wind blows power lines a certain way and it causes a surge. Well it would have been fine except that it happened every few hours for the rest of the night. After hubs left for work, I did what I do every morning, make that delicious little bit of warm liquid, COFFEE. While I was perusing the wanted ads on Google for freelance work, my power in the camper started surging and shutting off every 10 minutes, then every 5 minutes. It was starting to concern me, so I walk outside and look at our breaker box and smelled electrical burning. You know the smell, its offensive in a way that makes your brain scream “Wrong!” not like the offensive smell of a fart or a bowel movement. (Remember I live with boys, ALL…..THE…..TIME.) So I run, to the box and unplugged the camper and the cord was HOT, Like really hot. I looked at the plug and the neutral prong was melted. As well av  s the 30 amp breaker in the box. So that was fun. All day we played outside and kept the fridge shut so all our food was kept cool.

plug4The replacement plug was $21, which thankfully thats all it was cause a replacement cord is upwards of $50. That would have really sucked. It took the owner of the park a few hours to fix the box cause apparently there was a wire that fried on the inside. But when it initially happened, my heart sank. I just want to get through the sell and closure of my house and look forward to potential getting a new one. I don’t want drama, I want to continue moving forward.

plug5From now on though I will have to be on the look out an under the expectant nature that anything and most likely everything will happen. The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy. The house, Bubbers starts school and Soccer starts for the boys. Im excited and expectant. I haven’t been this way in a while.




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