Time-warp and lucky charms

Like Rocky Horror Picture Show, lets all do the Time warp. This weekend we definitely did and it was good. My brother and his fiancé were back in the states for a short little bit and we drove down to Arkansas to see them. Its been a little over a year since we have seen this particular brother and the last visit was a fiasco. As they sometimes are.  This visit though served a dual purpose. We had a potential buyer for our house put in an offer and we tentatively accepted but had to meet with them in order from them to sign an Offer and Acceptance letter. So it was pretty convenient timing.

late night

We left after hubby got home from work Tuesday night. It’s about a six and a half hour drive and a pretty straight drive. Using the time before we could leave, I packed, cleaned and finished any unfinished business we would be leaving for a few days. Dang, I even got to workout and vacuum my car before we left. The boys played their little butts off in the park while I was busy. (It worked out great. no naps during the day but they passed out on the drive.) We also rented a few red box movies to entertain them on the way down. I swear the portable DVD player has got to be one of the single best investments we have made. Haha.  We got to our destination that evening around 10 PM. After a good nights rest, we made our way to my parents house to visit.

time warp 2My brother (JMR) is my middle brother and recently engaged to a beautiful girl that we all approve of. She makes him exceptionally happy and he deserves every minute of it. They don’t live near us, so we all make time when he comes back to catch up. He is so different from who he used to be its a complete 180. As his older sister its makes me proud to see the man he had become and she is partially responsible. 🙂 The boys love and miss him, so they actually took full advantage of his being within arms length to con him into playing for hours with them. (Shh… he liked it too.) The made sure to play cops and robbers, monsters and hide and seek. The first day was chill and all conversation. “What have you been up too?” “What’s new?” “Any new wedding plans?” “Still live in the camper?” “how is that?” “It’s so good to see you.” Etc.

That night we had our meeting with our potential buyers so the visit was cut short. WE met with our buyers, walked around the house and property and answered any questions they had. They signed the offer and acceptance letter so hopefully through the grace of GOD we will have our house sold soon. I’m honestly trying not to get excited. So I am praying and asking for patience and understanding in the event that anything occurs. So far though it has been all good, no GREAT, news. Fingers, toes, legs, arms, tongues and anything else you can cross would be greatly appreciated. And as always prayers.

time warp 3    The next day was very relaxing and rare. We all went to the lake for the day where my parents brought out the boat and we hung out on an island in the middle of the lake all day. The boys swam, dug in the sand and jumped off the back of the boat. The adults all floated with a couple of drinks and good conversations. You all know how rare it can be, to have hours of zero drama or even disagreement of opinions. It was very nice and other than the signed letter for the house, made my trip. The whole day on the water, was oppressively hot and good company? Good day to me.

time warp 4      Friday was a different story however. We woke up great and refreshed. (We were staying at our old house with my brother-in-law.) He had left for work, I had worked out and taken a shower then the hubs was in the shower and yelled “Shit!” I ran in there afraid he fell or hurt himself, only to see the shower was not draining water. Immediately, I get a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The hubs got out and we tried plunging the toilet with no change in circumstance. Frustrated we dropped the boys off at the grandparents, borrowed a snake and a ladder and went about checking the vent and everything else we could think of. Thankfully it ended up only being a clogged pipe and we got it taken care of quickly. We spent the rest of the day apart. My family went golfing with our youngest brother and the hubs and boys went golfing with the father-in-law.  I spent my day discussing wedding plans and hanging with one of my future sister-in-laws and mother-in-law.  That night we had our time warp moment.

time warp    After all the events of the day, we met at my parents house and commenced in teenager shenanigans from days of old. Both my brothers, their significant others, some of my brothers friends from high school and our aunt and cousin. Of course my parents were there, it was at their house. We played washers (it has two boards that have three holes and you use three washers to get them in the holes. First team to 21 wins.) Any who, the hubs and I won EVERY game. That’s right! We are champs of this round! Seriously though, my brothers friends are also the hubs and I’s friends. We were all so close in age we just shared friends. Convenient for sure. It was fun but weird. It has been years and with us having kids now everything has changed. For one, we can’t stay out to all hours of the night because the boys have first priority. Two, we left Saturday morning so a hangover, while driving 7 hours with two toddlers in the back seat sounds like a plot to a horror movies. And lastly we just don’t recover like we used to. I will be the first to admit I can no longer handle my alcohol as I once did. A hangover takes me out of commission for a few days not hours like before. We are grown ups now, parents and more responsible. There are times we let loose but this weekend was not one of them. It was a quick, effective and worthwhile trip. Hopefully next time will be a tad longer and less hectic. Time warps and lucky charms all in one weekend. Remember I need prayers and lucky charms for the completion of my house. Lucky Charms


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