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Time to turn the page….

A new chapter seems to be creeping up on me and even though I can not see it, I feel it as if I am the one turning the page. I am referring at the moment to my book. I finished the first draft a couple of weeks ago and finally got it printed out to read, edit and redraft if need be. Lets be honest I will probably re-write 65 percent of it. Hell, I have only gotten through 30 pages and had to make a bunch of corrections both grammatically and structurally.  It’s a long road a head but it feels right like I’m headed in the right direction.

book title 3For years I have been working on this book. I had been making notes but never sat down and tried writing it. I got inspired when I saw a friend from high school  had posted on Facebook that she wrote a book and got it published. It got me thinking. She looked so happy and proud to have done it. I wanted that. I wanted that feeling of finishing something that you had previously only imagined. It’s always been a dream for me to become a writer and be on the New York Times Best Seller list. And as much as that is a dream, I’m realistic and know that the possibility is very slim. But now that I have finished the first step its one step closer to that dream.

book titleI never thought I would say that. Becoming a mommy was a dream too and I accomplished that. I live that and it fills my life with purpose. But writing brings me the peace and the escape that every mommy needs. Exercise gives me the physical escape that we all need to make us physically happy. Both are needed for a person to feel balanced and good. I believe everyone needs a way to mentally and physically escape from time to time.

We have been in the camper now for 18 months. A lot of things have happened in 18 months. We became healthy, fit and happier than we have been in a long time. We also started going outside so much more and that little freedom is worth it. I love the outdoors and this has given us the opportunity to focus on being together outside instead of inside with the tv. As a parent I always knew I wanted my boys to loved the outdoors so much that it outweighed their want for electronics. Don’t get me wrong there is a place for electronics and in the winter it is defiantly appreciated because going outside becomes less enjoyable, but on good days when its tolerable, the boys and I crave the fresh air.  During those long months where going outside was a no go, I really cracked down and sat in front of my computer and pumped out my book. Now I am writing the second book and editing and re-drafting the first.

book title1
My Title Cover, it’s rough but I am proud of it.

I love the process. I didn’t think I would and it took me so long to get the first one done but now that I know how and what I want, it comes easier. I look forward to the allocated time of the day where I can put on my ear phones and get sucked into the world I created, whether it be writing or editing, a glass of wine and no distractions. Maybe it will be a hit, maybe not. Either way, I will have it sitting on my bookshelf where I can be proud of it. In fact the other night I drew the cover for the binder that it is currently residing in. I titled it and everything. It makes me so happy. It makes me feel a little embarrassed talking about it.  It still feels like a newborn that I’m not ready to share with the world yet. Soon though, very soon. The more I think about it, spend time on it and talk about it the easier it is to think of showing it to you all, be it for haters or supporters. Let me know what you think? Email me your support, confusion or excitement. I would really like to hear your opinions. You can also go like my Facebook page FindingmomMeblog. Or my instagram @findingmommeblog.


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