Pajama day!

On days like these, we don’t get out of our PJ’s. The days I am speaking of are of the rainy sort. It has been awhile since we have had a day like this. It’s honestly been so pretty, Sunny and hot, that we have spent majority of our days in the pool. Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone but I was getting tired of it. So I am thankful for today.

tone4   Rain started last night, in fact it has rained so much we are currently under a Flash Flood Warning. Drought or Flood, there is no in between. And thankfully we were in a drought so we needed this rain. The boys woke up nicely today, thank GOD. And they immediately asked to play with PlayDo. (I keep it held hostage until a rainy day just so its a “Treat” when they play with it.) So they knew it was raining and knew they could play with it today.

tone3   Currently we are watching “Power Rangers.” The boys love this movie. We took them to see it in theaters, and when it came out on DVD we just had to buy it. In which case since that day we have watched this movie dozens of times. They fancy themselves Power Rangers and re-enact the movie, fight by fight, almost word for word. Makes me laugh. I enjoy these times, and they are so numbered since Bubbers starts school soon.

Today has also given me an opportunity to apply for a freelance position that I pray I will be rewarded. It was truly be a blessing and I would enjoy the work without sacrificing the time with my kids. Pray for me, I need all I can get. LOL

tone1After Power Rangers, I will probably teach the boys how to play a card game. I am not a fan of them watching T.V. all day long. They deserve the attention and the one on one time that will supply. Then we will take a nap and wait for daddy to come home. I have been going to the gym when hubs gets home and it has helped me mentally and helps me to maintain my motivation to keep going. The scale still hasn’t moved but my muscle tone has gotten so much better. After my rest day today, I will continue on my new life. I enjoy working out. I may complain occasionally, but we are happy and we take the time to enjoy a down day when it comes around.





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