It has begun, SHARK WEEK, on discovery channel. Honestly I consider this week of my life, like a kind of holiday. I love it, the boys love it and my husband hates it. HAHA I can literally devote many hours of this week to watching and re-watching previous shark week shows without batting an eye. Something is probably wrong with me but it’s so informational and interesting it consumes my life.

sharkweek1   Many don’t know this but before I met my hubs on a blind date and it changed my life, I had plans to go to school for marine biology. I was in the process of filling out scholarship applications and deciding on what school to go to. I was accepted into Hawaii State, South Carolina State and University of Miami in order to pursue my dreams. It was going to be expensive and far away from home. However, God had different plans for me. I laid eyes on this super sexy, adorable smart ass grin and my life was forever changed. I do not regret it and am happier then I could every imagine but my love of the ocean and marine life has never ceased so I refocused and became obsessed with shows that document it. Shark week is by far my favorite week of research and documentation.

sharkweek3Hell, I even have an app on my phone that tracks tagged great white sharks in and around the world. I have a notebook and map (though in storage) that I have placed markers on to develop my own record of how far some of them travel and how long it takes them. Maybe, my small research will discover the breeding ground.  I told you, it’s a little obsessive and crazy when I write it out but hey that’s me.

I can honestly say, my oldest is actually showing signs of following in my footsteps. He will sit motionless for hours watching the same shark shows with me, and when it’s not shark week, we watch YouTube videos of sharks. I’m a little scared to see how he will react to the ocean the first time he sees it. My hope is that he won’t fear it but respect it for what it is, (An important part in life on earth and needs to be respected.) I do make sure to tell him that sharks don’t just attack people. He has never seen the movie Jaws, even though I enjoy that movie, he is still too young to understand that it isn’t a real movie and the attacks pictured have been over exaggerated. Someday, when he is much older I will let him watch it.

sharkweek3Someday, we will be able to take him and his brother to the ocean. There really is nothing like seeing the ocean for the first time. Its overwhelming, scary and for me humbling. Standing in the sand looking out at what feels like the infinite water makes me feel so small and insignificant. There are so many things in there yet discovered and can kill us humans that if you think too long its starts to scare you. At least me.

I know I am not alone in Loving shark week. Millions of people also tune in and I feel less like weirdo with that knowledge. And now that it’s here I may devote a whole week of my bullet journal to sharks in general. Would it be too much to find a shark hat to wear while it’s on, to work out in, to let those around me know. Okay, so that may be a little far but  I will probably buy one if I come upon one in passing. So don’t be alarmed, I haven’t lost my mind I am just embracing my obsession.


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