Being a Mommy

They just want to help, for now.

My boys are absolutely wonderful. But sometimes their wonderfulness is quite annoying.  We are under the “old school” teachings, where we want the boys to help and offer such things if need be. And so far we are doing just that. The boys, I am proud to say, go out of their way to offer help or just go right ahead and assume what we need help with. It is so adorable and so frustrating at the same time.

The boys are 3 and 4 with the oldest turning 5 in September. They do have chores.


  • make beds
  • Set the dinner table
  • Clean the dinner table
  • Sweep patio (this is only when grass or dirt is on it and they use their feet LOL)
  • Clean their room (when they are done with toys they have to out the toys back where they found them. One touch rule.)

chores3Both boys struggle with the last one DAILY. However, they do a wonderful job considering the ages. It’s frustrating at times because as much as they do, they sometime take it upon themselves to spread the responsibility out a bit and do other things, like wash dishes, clean the bathroom and sweep the house. All of that is great and the incentive is there because they want to make me happy but the broom is too big and usual hits something and breaks it or dumps things on to the floor as they are sweeping, they splash water EVERYWHERE when washing dishes and they like to spray the bathroom cleaning solution (Vinegar with lemon peels) more than wiping it up. HAHA There as been many, MANY, times that I have gone to the bathroom to discover “SURPRISE” cleanings had gone on.

chores5 Even now I am currently fighting our youngest cause he wants to “help write your blog mommy.” The problem is less them and more me. I have a control issue that I am working on. Have been working on since I had kids. Lets face it, you can control somethings with your kids and somethings they do their own way no matter the insistence to do other wise. Like their dance battles as they eat fruit. It literally never fails. Every time they eat fruit (apple, banana, pineapple, grapes or another we have on hand) one or both will at some point break out in dance. It never ceases to make me smile which is probably why they do it. But they are supposed to be sitting on the table or they coach as they eat.

chores Daddy also gets frustrated sometimes with the help given. They boys have taken it onto themselves to “cut” wood for the grill. They go outside and grab a piece of wood and go to town “sawing” it into smaller pieces. They do work hard but often times get in the way as daddy is grilling. Working on the car is about the same. They grab their “TOOLS” and head outside to help daddy lets say change the oil. It’s a learning and binding experience and will probably remember those moments above all else.

I should be grateful they want to help now cause I am sure when they become teenagers they will not be so inclined to help.


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