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“Free the Brief!”

You know it’s hot when your boys rather hang out inside in their underwear then outside in the sun and pool. HA that’s exactly what they did yesterday.  I didn’t even work out. There has been a heat advisory for the last couple days and it is to be respected. Even though we have a pool accessible just feet from our camper the boys and I just couldn’t muster enough excitement to enjoy the cool water.

too hot1I made them go out, like I do everyday, and they got ready but the minute we stepped outside all want to left their little bodies. Bubbers even said “Why is it so hot?” I kinda chuckled and kept walking. We get to the pool and swim, splash around and horse-play for about an hour when I announce it is nap time. They jump at the chance and that was my first indication that they really did not give two hoots to be outside.

Now these kids like myself love the outdoors. We are outside 95% of our time weather permitting so it is odd when they don’t complain about coming in for lunch, nap or bedtime. I mean dang even I like to sit outside in the evening enjoying the quiet and waning sun. Heat usually doesn’t bother me, but I do prefer much cooler weather  and impatiently await fall. LOL

too hot
After the boys nap they woke up and I asked them if they would like to go back to the pool. Both boys looked at me like I was crazy and said “No, its hot can we play with tablets?” I agreed and allowed them to have tablet time. Let me clarify, the temperatures outside were around 98 in the shade and the heat indexes were running between 110-115 degrees. As I have said in a previous post the insulation in a camper is utter crap. It is good enough to not let you bake and not let you freeze but that is the extent of its usefulness. The air continuously runs when the temperatures reach such so high and the camper usually stays no lower than 80 degrees. I know that sounds hot, but the humidity is no where in the camper and when you come in from outside it is still cool. Thankfully in Missouri where we are located the hottest part of the day in between 3pm-4pm, after that the temperatures begin to go down again. So we only have to deal with an 80 degree camper for a couple of hours then it goes back down. It is amazing what a person can get use to. Never in my house would we have allowed the temperature to get to 80 but in the camper its 80 degrees most days and feels good. (Amazing adaptability) also saves on electric who knew?

My boys chill in their undies most days and it could be the cutest freaking thing I have ever seen. The first thing they usually do when we get home from somewhere is strip out of their clothes and down to the basics. And I say absolutely nothing. I am happy that they feel comfortable in our home/ camper. And by God it is so hot, and saves me on laundry (I hate that particular chore.) Hells bells yesterday I can not say I was any better. I was chilling in a long shirt and undies. Our house is a cave and wearing extra clothes to sweat in is just not necessary. I should start a movement “When its hot outside, Free the brief!”


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