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A Simple Matter….

I have said before that since having kids my laughter quota has gone up significantly. I believe anyone who has been around children for extended periods of times can agree that kids say  and do the damnedest things. Many times my kids have said things that make me question their intelligence and sometimes they do things that make me wonder if I should have them skip a grade. They can be too smart sometimes.

The other morning my husband woke up,  and noticed the boys fan in their room was off. He checked them and said that the fan was unplugged and when he plugged it back in, it made this god awful screeching sound that required him to unplug it again. So he continued to get ready for work and left. Not long after he left I heard the pitter patter  of little feet as they raced to my bedroom. (I have so missed morning wake up calls from the boys lol) For the rest of the day the fan was forgotten. We played out side, swam, laughed and ate lunch.

b-room2When the hubs returned home from work, he asked casually if I had gotten the spare fan out from under the bench seat at the dinning table. Forgetting to earlier I went over and got it out. We continued to talk about the fan and how coincidental it was their fan went out the same week as our fan. Then I said “I wonder how it got unplugged.” Bubber’s came over then as if called and the hubs asked him “Did you unplug the fan last night?” the kid looked scared at first and didn’t want to answer. My guess is he thought he was in trouble. We insured him he was not so he started his explanation. ” It was make a weird loud noise. Bubbie kicked me and said to kick the fan. So I rolled over and kicked my leg out and kicked the fan till it stopped making the noise.” when he was done talking, I sat there at the table across from his daddy surprising the laughing that began bubbling up. My son walked away then, no more explanation needed and my husband looks at me and says ” I guess we know how it got unplugged.” I started laughing and imagining how that scenario played out. See the boys are direct clones of us individually. The oldest is my clone, doesn’t need much sleep and handles majority of issues. The youngest is my husbands clone down to the way he sleeps and snores, HAHA and his cute butt.

b-room3So the my imagining goes like this. Bub was sleeping good until bubbie started making whining noises and lashed out until bub got up. When he heard the noise he decided that he was too tired to get down off the bunk bed so he suspended over the space between his bed and where the fan was sitting and being a boy did the only thing that made sense. He used violence to silence the offending object. using his long legs he flailed out his legs until contact was made and the noise ceased to exist. Then returned back to sleep. (this is almost exactly how it happened for the hubs and I when the fan gave out. Hubs makes noises until I get up to fix it. LOL)

Even now the visual makes me laugh. He had a problem and thought of a solution. In his mind it was simple matter. I love those kids. They are my light and life.

We through their fan away and replaced it. The new fan is again quiet and all is well in their world again. Just another day in the life of a mommy finding humor in life.



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