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Organization of a small space is as simple as it is complicated. Because depending on what you want to do it can be simple or complicated. In a house you have options because you have storage, in a camper the options are extremely limited as to what can be used and what can’t, whether you want to keep somethings or get rid of them. Are they really important?

Living in the camper for more than a year has taught us so many thing about ourselves and what we can live with, what we can live without and the space needed for such things. The camper, I can honestly say has not limited us in any way. We can wrestle on the floor with the boys, goof off, play games, draw, write, cook, shower and anything else you can do in a house. We just have to be more conscious to put things in their place and not leave them out. The one touch rule. 

org8    The one touch rule was something I heard about years ago and really agreed with it. It was in one of those Facebook videos, (you know the ones, where someone shares it and it shows up on your timeline and ends up being extremely helpful.) Well I was watching it and the whole time thought that it was an amazing concept if I could actually get the boys and my husband to follow it. While in the house we never did get it. (LOL) Even an entire year in the camper we didn’t get it but in the last few months we are starting to finally be mindful of it. The rule goes like this; only touch something once before putting it back where it belongs. Don’t grab it, place it somewhere it doesn’t belong and then touch it again to move it out of the way and then again before putting it in it’s rightful place.

My husband is the worst at that. When he gets home from work he has his bag and puts it on the couch. The he moves it around several times before I finally put it on the ground where it belongs. Now though, we are getting it down. Over the weekend we drove all over, I mean everywhere in order to get this cabinet/cube thing we wanted for extra storage.


We saw it online and thought it would work great in this waste of wall space between our bathroom door and fridge, it is a weird measurement, so we measured and bought this really pretty antique gray cabinet. Spent an hour putting it together (the hubs and I arguing over what piece goes where) only for it to be freaking huge and no way going to work. (don’t you hate when time is wasted, cause I despise it) So we took it apart and headed to Wal-Mart in town to return it and again find a different solution. By the way this all happened the day before the boys got home. We were rushing and didn’t plan very well.

org1When we got to Wal-mart for the what felt like the millionth time we walked around and happened on several things we didn’t mean to buy. Isn’t that how it always works? Then we passed this cabinet that was quite a bit smaller than the other one but still had 6 cubby spots for storage. (I needed storage for all the veggies that were piled on the floor. I hate clutter and I love order. It’s a problem.  We bought the cabinet and then headed over to dollar tree for the collapsible storage bins. They are plain in color but a quarter of the price of the cheapest at Wal-mart or if you get the really design colored ones they are a tenth of the price. For me that’s all I need to know. we put it together and it looks awesome. Holds everything we need and some. The other stuff we bought were pioneer woman plates. For what feels like a long time, we have been using plastic crap plates in the hopes that we wouldn’t have to be here long. It started to pile up and the cabinets looked over full. It was depressing actually and made me feel like I was in an in-between not moving forward, not moving back.

Hubs bought me new plates, and silverware.(it was the stuff we didnt need from wal-mart) We are moving forward into a more content and permanent situation that I can feel good about. The changes we made have been amazing. I walk into the camper and instead of feeling overwhelmed and anxious, I feel happy and content. Such a little change has become huge. Organization is one way to make this girl extremely happy.

I even overhauled our patio and it feels like an extension of  the living space instead of a cement pad outside our door. (I will try to get a good picture when the lights are lit up) I even bought a dwarf spruce and plan to buy two more so that the boys have something to decorate for christmas. That was something I regretted last year, no christmas tree.

There are a few more organization things we want to try for the bathroom but the first round last year went horribly so some thinking and planning are in order before we try again. We attempted to get one of those metal rakes for towels and such, (a camper toilet is much smaller and shallower than a regular toilet so the rake perturbed over the toilet) and if we kept it we would have been sitting on the toilet hunched over in an awkward position. I’ll let you imagine that visual. HAHA

org6   Each day we get better, more efficient and little happier. The funny thing is that we have all this stuff in storage that we thought we needed but we haven’t touched it, used it or needed it in a year. So how much do we actually need it?  That is the question. We, the hubs and I, completely get the tiny house, minimalistic lifestyle people are going to. There is so many things we don’t need that are advertised as a must have. We are happier now than before. We have time with the boys, each other and can focus on things we love instead of white noise that sometimes gets in the way.

org7Don’t get me wrong, we would still like a house and land and no neighbors, but for now we are happy to just be here waiting on God to guide us.


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