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My boys are back and all is right in the world!

Oh My Gosh, my little boys have returned but as little men. (:( excuse me but no one informed this momma that, that could happen.) When they left two weeks ago both were my babies and even acted liked it. Now, they look like big boys and they talk better and have more sarcasm. it truly is amazing how much a difference of two weeks makes to their personalities.

Saturday, is when my parents brought them home and when they pulled up into the parking lot I nearly ran to the car in my excitement to see them. My oldest barely waited for the car to park before he unbuckled himself and jumped out of the car. Like  promised I bear hugged them until they laughed and told me to stop. I almost cried with overwhelming happiness. (I am such a girl.) The youngest had to wait to be unbuckled but once he was free he jumped over the seats and nearly fell out of the car, if I hadn’t been there to catch him he would have smashed his face in the gravel.

cuddles1I have had a smile on my face since they got home and I probably will for the next week. I don’t even want to get on to them yet but the adjustment period is in full swing and although I haven’t spanked them yet it’s a ticking time bomb. They have been testing me more and more  each day and it’s getting to the point where the testing needs to stop. We will see, time will tell.

Cuddles have been the best. Even though the hubs and I are huggers and cuddlers in general we have missed the boys hugs. Yesterday the hubs who never takes naps took a nap with the youngest while I and our oldest cooked lunch and went swimming. It was really nice one on one time for both of us and needed. I want to be a fun, energetic and playful mom. Before I lost weight and got some what healthy I couldn’t be that physically. I would get wore out or didn’t have the energy to start at all then I would have to see the look of disappointment on their little faces, which really hurt me. Now I can happily say yes and run after them. Makes all the progress worth the struggle.

cuddles         Having the boys back is like completing a puzzle when you initially lost the remaining puzzle piece. I feel whole and complete now that my puzzle pieces are back where they belong. It will be awhile before I let them go again.


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