Me, myself and I

Been spending a lot of time at the pool lately. Without the boys around, I have been able to enjoy sunbathing again. After a hard workout, my muscles are a wreck and I go out there, lay down and listen to music while reading. ( you guys know I LOVE reading) Even though the temperatures have been the hottest so far this year it feels great to be able to jump in cool water when it’s get to be too much.

IMG_2368Today was awesome. I had a great workout and came home, rinsed off, drank my protein shake and ate lunch, then it was pool time. I rocked out. With my ear phones in and actually enjoyed an entire song, a few actually,  where I wasn’t interrupted or made to take them out because someone had to go to the bathroom. (Remember I’m a mom here!) As awesome as that is, I miss my boys and can not wait to see them. I’ve had enough separation and when I see them I will crunch them in the biggest mommy bear hug ; they will ask me to stop but I won’t. lol Saturday can not be here soon enough.


Yesterday, I got my nails done. Yep me. It was very relaxing and a reminder that I need more friends. For the friend that went with me, I enjoyed it immensely and hope we can do it again soon. Maybe the guys won’t say anything if we get matching colors this time. Maybe. Haha my only complaint, my toe was cut while I received my peti. It hurts but I suppose that’s normal since I sweat when running and he did break the skin. Who knows maybe I have messed up feet and he couldn’t help it.

Finding me again has been hard. Not knowing myself or caring to take care of myself in leau of being a mother. I love being a mom honestly believe it is my calling in life. But over the last year and especially the last few months  I am no longer scared or awkward to be alone. All my life I have had someone or felt I needed to be around someone. However I have reached a point in my life that I am satisfied to be just me with just me. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy company I’m still a social person but being alone no longer a bad thing. Being alone even for a few minutes is a luxury and I hope that everyone gets some alone time to read, workout, pray, dance, sing or cook. Enjoy your day cause I plan to enjoy the time I have left but will count down till I can see my boys smiles!!!

Been working out a lot too. Im pretty sure a person should not swear as much as I do.


One thought on “Me, myself and I

  1. Your so beautiful Meg. And such a sweetheart!! Enjoy your time. Mommy’s need as much as they can get. If only to be a better person for your baby’s!!


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